[act-ma] Thursday, 11/12/09, in Chinatown, 7PM, Russ Baker author of: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Invisible Government

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Wed Nov 11 15:00:15 PST 2009

/*The Greater Boston Alliance for 9/11 Truth and Justice presents:*/

*Russ Baker*, author of *
Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Invisible Government*
at E5 (Encuentro Cinco) this Thursday November 12th at 7:00 pm.* 

*Directions: *E5 is the 5th floor of 33 Harrison Avenue in Chinatown
at the corner of Harrison and Beech.  It is a short walk from either the
Orange Line Chinatown stop or the Green Line Boylston stop.

Please join us to meet the author and investigative journalist Russ 
Baker. Russ is the author of the explosive, groundbreaking new book,  
Family of Secrets: the Bush Dynasty, the Invisible Government, and the 
Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years. Gore Vidal calls it "one of the 
most important books of the past ten years".  The book shows us how 
little we understand, to this day, about what was really behind the rise 
of the Bushes---and how those interests continue to subvert democracy. 
The paperback edition is being released this week.

Russ will be in Boston to tape an appearance on WGBH and will be 
speaking and talking with folks at MIT and at Encuentro 5 regarding the 
revelations found in Family of Secrets and to explain his new 
investigative reporting nonprofit, www.whowhatwhy.com 
<http://www.whowhatwhy.com/> . Please join us for a dialogue on the 
urgent need for better journalism of this sort, and to learn how you can 
get involved.

Family of Secrets covers a broad spectrum of secret dealings of the Bush 
dynasty, and adds a level of detail and an expansion on the individuals 
and networks involved in these activities.  The most original 
contribution of the book, with an amazing level of detail and scholarly 
documentation is circumstantial evidence that the first president Bush, 
the network of independent Texas oilmen, the right wing of the CIA, and 
connected military officers formed the key nexus in the assassination of 
president Kennedy.

 Many anti-war and other progressive political activists think that 
while there has always been a "deep politics" of elites that 
significantly set the military and financial agendas behind the scenes; 
the deep politics network became more powerful at the time of what 
amounts to a coup (marked by the Kennedy assassination), and that this 
deep politics network has more significantly set the agenda ever 
since--including, of course, the planned 50-year military occupation of 
the Middle East and Central Asia that was kicked off by 9/11.  Becoming 
familiar with Russ' book deepens our understanding of the deep politics 
leading up to the present-- not the Bush family and its allies, but 
rather the deep politics network and the place of the Bush dynasty 
within it.
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