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Monday, December 14, 2009

All that Gas...
Speaker: Leonardo Maugeri, Senior Executive Vice President, Eni S.p.A

Time: 3:00p–4:30p

Location: 66-110

Natural gas was the poor cousin of petroleum for most of its history.  
Since the 1980s, however, things have changed dramatically. Today it  
is the fossil fuel with the rosiest future. In the course of this  
century, it may even become the first source of primary energy for our  
planet. Yet, several problems and questions weigh on its future.

Could the volatility of ?boom-and-bust cycles? limit the investments  
available to develop it ? particularly as far as unconventional gas is  

With no global gas market, the developed structure is based on three  
major regional markets, each with different price mechanisms and  
features. Will future evolutions reinforce or upset this rigidity?

Some big producers, through the control of both production and prices,  
seem keen to use natural gas as a political weapon. Is this only  
temporary, or will it lead to the formation of a gas cartel ? an OPEC  
of natural gas?

In the Middle East and North Africa, power consumption is booming, as  
well as the need to inject more natural gas into crude oil deposits to  
enhance oil recovery. How will producers resolve these dilemmas? Will  
their choice imply a major move towards nuclear energy?

Finally, will carbon capture and storage and future renewables pose a  
challenge to natural gas?

Leonardo Maugeri, Senior Executive Vice President of Eni, S.p.A. and  
MITEI External Advisory Board member, will discuss these issues.

Open to: the general public

Cost: Free

Sponsor(s): MIT Energy Initiative

For more information, contact:
Jameson Twomey
jtwomey at mit.edu


Tuesday, December 15 at 7:00pm

Central Square Library, 45 Pearl St.

GreenPort Forum

The Cambridge Climate Emergency Congress - Report and Response

Mayor Simmons has called a Climate Emergency Congress, with sessions  
in December and January. GreenPort's representatives will report on  
the first session of the Congress, and will ask for responses and  
ideas to bring back to the second session of the Congress in January.  
This is an extraordinary opportunity for public participation in  
forging solutions to the most critical issue we face.

Make your voice heard!

GreenPort envisions and encourages a just and sustainable  
Cambridgeport neighborhood

For more information, contact Steve Morr-Wineman at swineman at gis.net

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