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The Militant Labor Forum presents:
20 years after the fall of the Berlin
Wall shows
US Imperialism Lost the Cold War
(El imperialismo norteamericano ha perdido la Guerra
   The Berlin Wall fell
in the face of growing popular mobilizations across the German Democratic
Republic (East Germany), leading to the reunification of Germany in October
1990. The imperialist rulers thought the collapse of the Stalinist regimes
would open prospects for them to regain what they had lost when workers and
farmers took power in the 1917 Bolshevik-led Russian Revolution. Capitalist
property relations in Eastern Europe were overturned following World War II.
   The collapse of the Stalinist regimes across Europe was
not followed by greater stability, but by the first war in continental Europe
in 50 years, in Yugoslavia.  What disintegrated in 1989 were the Stalinist parties across Eastern Europe.
With the weakening of this obstacle went their counterfeit of communism.
today’s social and economic crisis deepens, prospects have increased that new
generations of fighters will find their way to the example and lessons of the
1917 Russian Revolution and the 1959 conquest of power by the workers and
farmers of Cuba. 
   Come to a discussion.
December 18, 7:30 pm 
Militant Labor Forum Hall 
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