[act-ma] 02/05 Climate Change and Why the Stewardship of Nature Falls to the Working Class

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The Militant Labor Forum presents 
El Foro Militante presenta:

The Fraud
of Climate Change Reform: 
Why the Stewardship of Nature 
Falls to the Working Class
El fraude de la reforma del cambio de clima:
Porqué la
custodia de la naturaleza 
también recae en la clase trabajadora
·        The December, 2009, “climate summit” in Copenhagen was not
about saving the environment.  It was
about the increased rivalry between the imperialist powers and their economic
dominance of the so-called developing nations.
·        Under capitalism, the employers’ ceaseless “productivity
drive” and competition increasingly injures and kills working people in
factories, mines, and fields across the United States and worldwide  . . . and hastens the despoiling of the
earth’s air, soil, rivers, lakes, and seas.
·        The fight to bring electrification and cultural development
to the billions who live in the underdeveloped world.
·        The need for workers and farmers to take political power out
of the hands of the exploiters – to make possible social relations based on
human solidarity that will protect the natural sources of all well-being and
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