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Please come to a very important hearing in Boston, Wednesday Feb 24th 9 to 1 p.m. , Room B1, State House, Boston
The Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy are having
the hearing on House Bill 4458 that would exclude biomass plants from receiving taxpayer "clean" energy subsidies.  
This bill would convert into law the citizen's ballot referendum that collected over
78,000 certified signatures last fall which would ensure our clean energy subsidies go to
genuinely clean sources such as solar, geothermal, appropriately scaled wind and hydro,
efficiency conservation etc instead of dirty biomass plants which pollute more than coal
plants.   The legislature can pass the ballot measure into law without making it go to a vote next
November, and this is an opportunity to ask them to do so.
The main points to make are that biomass energy is dirty and will add to air
pollution and corresponding health problems, adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than coal which will
worsen global warming impacts, and will cause widespread deforestation, the opposite of what we need to be
doing at this time.  Biomass burning is not the same as solar, geothermal, properly located wind, etc,
and should not be receiving our "clean" energy subsidies.  Please see the following link for some
background:  http://www.maforests.org/Biomess2.pdf
There is a bus planned to leave western MA to help people attend the hearing.6:15 a.m.,  from Ingleside Mall Entrance-Large Parking Lot Across from Barnes &
Noble. ( Exit 15 off I 91)   Suggested donation for bus: $15 or $20 cash, (cost depends upon how many show up).  
  RSVP to Beth- by Monday noon eadams333 at gmail.com   
If you cannot make the hearing, you may submit written comments copied to all of the
following:Senator Michael Morrissey, Senator Therese Murray 
Room 413 D, State House Boston MA 02133
Representative Barry Finegold 

Room 473D, State House Boston, MA 02133
 House Staff: 
Room 473B, State HouseBoston, MA 02133 
Senate StaffRoom 413D, State House
Boston, MA 0213See hearing info below:
STATE HOUSE ROOM 473-B, BOSTON 02133-1053      Michael W. Morrissey
     Barry R. Finegold     
      Senate Chairman     House Chairman
Notice of a Public Hearing
Please be advised that the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities andEnergy will be hearing the following bills on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 9:00am in Room B-1
      S. 2234
     T. Murray     An Act relative to the financing of wind energy facilities in the town of Falmouth
           H. 1152
     B. Dempsey;      M. Morrissey
     An Act establishing a Renewable Portfolio Standard for New Baseload Low CostRenewable Energy
           H. 4432
     S. Walsh     An Act Authorizing an Alternative Mode of Design and Construction for the
Relocation and Replacement of a Water Line Under the Saugus River     
      H. 4458     Initiative petition of Susan E. Laing and others
     An Act to Limit Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Renewable and Alternative EnergySources
Other bills may be added to the hearing schedule. An executive session may follow
the hearing.Please feel free to contact Committee staff with any questions
(617) 722-2263
Caitriona M. FitzgeraldLegal Counsel
Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and EnergyState House, Room 473B
Phone: 617.722.2263E-mail: caitriona.fitzgerald at state.ma.us
Massachusetts Forest Watchwww.maforests.org

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