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Scroll down for 3/20 Boston Protest Info.

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Commemorate SEVEN Years of War and Occupation in Iraq! 
Take action in Boston, in your community and in the nation’s capitol!

March 19, 2010 marks the end of seven years of war and occupation in Iraq. After a year of Democratic control of the House, Senate and White House, the Obama Administration and Congress are wavering in their commitment to withdraw troops from Iraq. The Administration has escalated the war in Afghanistan and extended military operations into Pakistan.  Despite its lofty nuclear disarmament rhetoric, the Administration has asked for the largest nuclear weapons budget ever.
This is not what we worked for.  It is not what we bargained for.  It is not what we voted for.  But it is the reality of our world today.  So in honor of Howard Zinn and his unwavering commitment to action, United for Justice with Peace is calling on everyone to take action demanding an end to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan during the 7th commemoration of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  
Commemorate the Iraq War Through Action
• Travel to Washington DC for a week of protests to end the war culminating with  a mass mobilization A.N.S.W.E.R. march on Saturday, March 20. Also happening in D.C. will be Cindy Sheehan's Peace of the Action initiative, and on March 21 the immigration reform demonstration March for America.   See details and bus information.
• In Boston, join us at Park Street Station on the Boston Common on Saturday, March 20 at noon. The Committee for Peace and Human Rights, the Stop the Wars Coalition and United for Justice with Peace invite people opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who can't be in Washington, to express solidarity with the march in Washington and call for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the siege of Gaza and the detention without charges of thousands of detainees in the phony "war on terror." Bring signs and banners.
• In Natick, assemble at the Natick Common Bandstand for a walk to the Natick Army Base where names of the dead will be read.
• Organize or attend a protest, vigil, march or rally in your community.   Add it to our online calendar. 
• Call President Obama at the White House.  Read him the names of the people who have died this year in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Demand he bring the troops home now.  Comments: 202-456-1111; Switchboard: 202-456-1414
• Write a Letter to Your Editor about the cost of war and the impact on your community. 
• Participate in a Brown Bag Lunch Vigil on Wednesday, March 17 and on the third Wednesday of every month, to say "Healthcare, not Warfare!" in front of—and inside—Congressional offices in districts across Massachusetts.   
Every day another mother awaits a knock on her door, or a young person who needs a job decides to become a recruit.  Each day female soldiers must defend themselves from sexual assault and gay troops must keep it a secret. Each day young soldiers risk their lives for lies, oil and corporations in the name of freedom. Yet the Patriot Act has now been extended and Guantanamo is still open.  Our cities continue to deteriorate, the jobless rate is soaring and the changes in our climate can no longer be denied. Untold numbers of civilian Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis have lost their lives and continue to die as a result of these occupations and wars.
President Obama is not moving us in the right direction, so we must keep the pressure on-- whether it is a phone call, a protest, a march, a letter to the editor or making a donation. Whatever you do, do something.

United for Justice with Peace is a coalition of peace and justice organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social and economic justice. 

Help us continue to do this critical work! Make a donation to UJP today.

ujpcoalition at gmail.com 


Upcoming Events: 

Public Action in Support of a Just and Humane Immigration Reform
Sun Mar 14
Boston City Hall

"Just Married" (Israel, 2005)
Sun Mar 14
First Parish in Cambridge Unitarian Universalist Church

Brown Bag Lunch Vigil: Healthcare Not Warfare
Wed Mar 17
Downstairs from Sen. John Kerry's office

U.S. Out of Afghanistan & Iraq Now - National March on Washington
Sat Mar 20
Lafayette Park
Washington, DC

Opposed to the wars but can’t go to Washington? Join us!
Sat Mar 20
Park Street Station

Good Jobs Now! Make Wall Street Pay!
Wed Mar 24
Bank of America

Rally to Reverse School Budget Cuts
Wed Mar 24
Boston School Committee

A Tribute to the Theater of Howard Zinn
Wed Mar 24
Suffolk University

Rally for Jobs and Cuts in Military Spending
Thu Apr 22
Roxbury Crossing T Station

International Day of Action for a Nuclear-Free World
Sun May 2
near Times Square
New York, NY

More Peace and Justice Events.    How to Submit Events 
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