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ANSWER Coalition Boston
Act Now to Stop War and End Racism

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1) Boston bus information for March 20th in D.C.
3) Anti-war workshop - Friday, March 26th - 7 PM
2) March and Rally against Boston School Cuts - Wednesday, March 24th

U.S. Out of Afghanistan and Iraq!
National March on Washington - March 20th

All Out for March 20th in D.C.!
Reserve your seat on the bus from Boston today!

There are only a limited number of seats remaining.

Click here to get your ticket before it's too late:


Tens of thousands of people from all over the country are organizing to converge on Washington, D.C., to demand the immediate & unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. & NATO forces from Afghanistan & Iraq.

We will march together to say "Free Palestine!" and "No War on Iran!"

We won't sit by while the bankers and militarists plunder this country and send our loved ones to fight in a war for empire. Instead of war, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools and affordable housing.


We will also demand an end to the foreign occupation of Haiti and for reparations for the vast wealth that has been looted from the country by foreign imperialist countries like the U.S. & France. These are not our wars!


On Saturday, March 20th, we will gather at noon at Lafeyette Park, across the street from the White House.  Beforehand, we will collect and construct hundreds of coffins with http://www.pephost.org/site/R?i=tKsdfd3LEovM6Fv0Jzvhug.. representing the multinational victims of U.S. wars of aggression.  After the rally, we will march through the streets of D.C., going from the White House to the offices of Halliburton, Washington Post, Mortgage Bankers Association of America, National Endowment for Democracy and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Pick up a sign at the rally site, or bring your own visuals, sign, drums or anything else to raise your voice and make some noise.

Get on the bus from Boston now!


Depart on Friday,
March 19th - 10:00 PM
North side of Ruggles Station
Forsyth St. at Northeastern University

MBTA: Orange Line, buses to Ruggles; Green "E" train to Northeastern
Driving: Click here for a map
Parking: Limited street parking is available.  Paid parking is
available for $12 ($6 per 24 hours) at the Renaissance Parking Garage
at XX Columbus Ave.

The parking lot and Columbus Ave. are on the south side of Ruggles Station. To get to the bus - walk through Ruggles Sation and out the Huntington Ave.

We arrive in Washington D.C. early Saturday morning, March 20th.  We leave
Washington D.C. around 5 PM, after the march and rally. Please note, we
usually return to Boston around 2:00 AM, after the T stops running. Please plan accordingly - carpools and cab shares are organized to the best of our ability.

Tickets cost $50 roundtrip, $40 discounted.  Additional financial asstance is
available - call (857) 334-5084 for more information on riding for little to no cost.

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Upcoming Meetings and Actions!
Community Anti-war Workshop:
"We Need Jobs and Schools, Not War and Prisons!"

Bringing together the fight for jobs and education, and the struggles against endless war and racist police.

Fri., March 26th - 7:00PM
3 Harrison Ave., 5th Flr.

MBTA: Orange and Silver lines to Chinatown, Red line to Park St., Green
line to Boylston St.
Driving: Click here for a map
Parking: Several private garages, very limited street
parking available.

>From the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Haiti, and elswhere to racist police brutality in Roxbury to school closures in Dorchester, to home foreclosures in Mattapan - poor and working people everywhere are under attack.

Join us for a report back on the March 20th National March on Washington and an interactive workshop on anti-war organizing featuring documentary clips, short films and group discussion.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Fund Boston Public Schools!
No Budget Cuts!

March and Rally at the Boston School Committee Budget Vote

Organized by: The Coalition for Equal, Quality Education (CEQE)

Wednesday, March 24th
Details TBA - BSC Hearing at 26 Court St. at 6:30 PM

The Boston School Committee is proposing system-wide cuts to cover a $33 million dollar budget gap.  From turning down the heat in schools to eliminating bus transportation, the BSC is considering serious cuts to our public schools.

Join teachers, students, parents, bus drivers, and everyone in the community
to demand full funding for equal, quality education for all our youth.  Tell the School Committee to vote "NO!" on any budget cuts!

"Why I'm marching on March 20th..."

Whether Bush or Obama, when it comes to war and occupation, there's no difference. It's the same soup, just a different bowl. The U.S. government is still engaged in a war of empire and occupation. It wages a war against Muslims abroad and at home.

The government spends billions of dollars dropping smart bombs on dumb
missions, while the American people go without jobs, homes, health
care, and decent, accessible education.

Muslims must unite with those who resist oppression and love freedom and justice. Our strength is in our unity and our resistance. Therefore, we march.
 - Madhi Bray, Executive Director, Muslim American Society Freedom

Irrespective of who's in the White House, the policies have proven to be identical in maintaining a hegemonistic empire. Our community, in particular, is subjected to harsh profiling and alienation policies; but remains determined to fight the source of injustice. ...

We call on our Arab-American community, and their friends, to mobilize on March 20th denouncing wars and shifting dire resources, and to tear down the wall of fear and intimidation.
- Mounzer Sleiman, Vice Chair, National Council of Arab Americans

The [United Steel Workers] will be sending a bus of protesters from its headquarters in Pittsburgh to the March 20 demonstration for peace. The time is long overdue that our nation's resources be spent on real health care reform, a social safety net and job creation rather than on weapons of mass destruction and senseless wars.We march for that change in our government's set of priorities

- Dan Kovalik, Senior Associate General Counsel for the United Steel Workers

The reality is that we-the soldiers, sailors, airmen/women, and marines-are never sent to fight for any just cause. We are, quite simply, the muscle for the banks and for Wall Street to expand their reach all over the world.

This reality cannot be hidden forever, and every day more of us are waking up. Every day it becomes more apparent that these are not wars for "national defense" or anyone's "freedom"; these are wars for empire. On March 20, we will be marching on Washington. And the more people that join us, the more we can inspire other soldiers to do the same, and the closer we get to ending these criminal wars.
 - Michael Prysner, Iraq war veteran; Founding member of March Forward!

The real question is: Why not march in D.C. this March? We've encountered more civilian deaths in Afghanistan than ever this past year.
 - Margaret Stevens, National Guard veteran, member of March Forward!

Join us on March 20! Brothers and sisters, our humanity demands it!
 - Mike Ferner, Navy Hospital Corpsman (1969-1973), President, Veterans for

I hear everybody saying "change," yet I see none occurring. So I feel that as a student, knowing what I know, I should be an upstander in this event, let my voice be heard and make a difference."
 - Lorenzo Jackson, 10th grade student, New York City

Last year, the New York City Department of Education announced over $400 million in budget cuts for our public schools. These types of cuts are happening across the country and they are a death sentence for our schools.

We are mobilizing for the March 20 March on Washington because we are
outraged that these types of cuts are happening at a time when our government is spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the criminal war and occupation of Iraq, and billions more on bailouts for the richest banks and corporations.
- Karina Garcia

"Why are you marching on March 20th?"
Email your story to boston(at)answercoalition(dot)org

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

boston at answercoalition.org
Boston office: 857-334-5084

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