[act-ma] 3/19 Becoming Americans: CCI film/discussion (Fri)

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Wed Mar 17 11:43:08 PDT 2010

CCI Antiracism Film/Discussion Series:
  Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

Please join us for a viewing and community conversation of the film

Latino immigrants arrive healthy, so why don?t they stay that way?

March 19 (FRI)
Noon-1:30 p.m.
The Community Change Library on Racism
14 Beacon Street, Room 604

Recent Mexican immigrants, although poorer, tend to be healthier than  
the average American. They have lower rates of death, heart disease,  
cancer, and other illnesses, despite being less educated, earning  
less, and have the stress of adapting to a new country and a new  
language.  But the longer they?re here, the worse their relative  
health becomes even as their socioeconomic status improves.  Within  
one generation, their health is as poor as other American of similar  
income status.

Please join Community Change Staff and friends for a screening of this  
film followed by a community conversation. Please bring your lunch.  
Beverages will be provided. $5 contribution requested. RESERVATIONS  
REQUIRED: RSVP 617-523-0555, janet at communitychangeinc.org

Unnatural Causes is a groundbreaking film series that reveals some  
reasons why some of us get sicker more often and die sooner. There?s  
more to our wellbeing than genes, behaviors, and medical care;  
Unnatural Causes documents how inequities in the rest of our lives ?  
the jobs we do, the stress we experience, the neighborhoods we live in  
? can get under the skin and disrupt our biology as surely as germs  
and viruses. Solutions lie not in more pills but in more equitable  
social policies.

Community Change, Inc. was born out of the Civil Rights Movement and  
in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white  
problem." Since 1968, CCI has done what few organizations are willing  
to do: shine a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with  
the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with  
its impact on communities of color.

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