[act-ma] Thurs, April 1, Clean Air & Safe Climate March, noon

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Mon Mar 29 13:06:15 PDT 2010

      Tell Sen. Kerry & Sen. Brown:
      Thursday, April 1 at high noon

      Join us April 1, 2010 as we ask Senator Kerry and Senator Brown to
uphold the Clean Air Act, create green jobs, make our communities healthy
and our nation secure. Our March for Clean Air and a Safe Climate starts at
noon at Government Center T station, goes to Senator Kerry's and Senator
Brown's offices, and from 1 to 2 pm delivers letters to the senators.

      Fight for the Health of our Neighborhoods, Stop Trashing the Climate,
and Stand Up for the Clean Air Act!

      The Clean Air Act has a nearly 40-year track record of
cost-effectively cutting dangerous pollution, protecting the environment and
Americans' health, and spurring technological innovation. The benefits of
the Clean Air Act outweighed the costs by as much as 22 to 1. According to
EPA data, Massachusetts had 1/12th as many unhealthy air days in 2009 as we
did in 1983. This means fewer asthma attacks for our family members and
friends and fewer costly visits to the emergency room.

      We stand united to fight for the Clean Air Act so that the
Environmental Protection Agency can continue to fight climate change, smog
and asthma in our neighborhoods!

      The Clean Air Act is so effective that it's earned some fierce
opposition from major polluters like Big Coal. In fact, Big Coal is trying
to persuade Senators that it will support energy or climate legislation if
the bill guts the Clean Air Act, overturning EPA's scientific finding that
global warming pollutants threaten human health and the environment.

      This Is Everyone's Problem - Organize!

      The direct impact would be sweeping, blocking President Obama's
landmark clean cars rule and all other actions to enforce the Clean Air Act
to fight global warming. It would keep America dependent on oil and other
dirty energy sources, costing us new clean energy jobs and improved

      Healthy Communities Are Our Right - Organize!

      Please tell Sen. Kerry and Sen. Brown the people of Massachusetts
deserve clean air and a safe climate.
      Senator Scott Brown: 617-565-3170 or 202-224-4543
      Senator John Kerry: 617-565-8519 or 202-224-2742

      Sponsors: New England United For Justice (617-905-9939), Global
Warming Education Network (www.gwenet.org), Boston Climate Action Network, 1
Sky, & Greenpeace

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