[act-ma] 4/4 Boston ABC Easter Sundae Vegan Ice Cream Social!

clara lil_red at riseup.net
Fri Apr 2 06:36:39 PDT 2010

Boston Anarchist Black Cross cordially invites you to an Easter Sundae Vegan
Ice Cream Social!
Eat!  Schmooze!  Get informed!  Get involved!

Sunday 4 April, 4PM
A house in North Dorchester
Near the red line, a bunch of buses, and highly cycle-able
Email cyd.grayson at gmail.com for the address

Not only do we long once more to share vegan ice cream with you while
talking about how prisons suck [or how anarchy rules, or what you thought
about Lady Gaga's Telephone video, whichever], we have ancillary motives for
extending this invite.

Operating since 2003, Boston ABC tends to enjoy a good reputation in these
parts for acting as a resource, defending our communities and supporting
hundreds of prisoners.  We are proud to carry on the anarchist prison
abolition tradition started by our comrades in Czarist Russia in 1905.  We
sincerely appreciate all the encouragement and support we receive from our
communities, but did you know that there only around five or six of us doing
this?  And that two of our most core members will be moving away from Boston
at the end of the summer?  Yeah.  We need you.

Wait, don't run away!  Because there's a ton of stuff we do, there are a ton
of ways to plug in and no one is expected to become the next reigning queen
of ABC.  Whether you're interested in being a core ABC person or just a
helpful friendly comrade, check out some stuff you could do!

*Legal Defense*
Work legal support for our Northeast comrades participating in mass actions
Get trained to give Know Your Rights trainings
Get trained as a legal observer to deploy at actions, demos, and protests
Conversely, train us!  If you've got legal knowledge and experience, share

*Prisoner Support*
Come to any of our twice-monthly prisoner support events
Take on a prisoner penpal
Do internet research for prisoners
Keep our stash of literature flowing into prisons
Be part of the Prison Action
publishing process

*Funds and Resources*
Give us money
Give us stamps/envelopes/office supplies
Make copies of our literature and other materials
Make shirts/posters/stickers/ABC merch we can sell
Organize a fundraiser to benefit us
Publicize our events on the internet or IRL

Whether you can offer us your energy, your resources, or just your company,
don't be a stranger!  Come get vegan ice cream and hang out!

http://baamboston.org *
http://www.myspace.com/abcbostonhttp://baamboston.org *
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