[act-ma] 4/10 Solidarity with hunger strikers in South Bay

clara lil_red at riseup.net
Thu Apr 8 07:29:03 PDT 2010

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Show your solidarity with the women at South Bay!

Saturday (4/10) at 12:30pm, Mass Ave and Melnea Cass Boulevard
[just past Boston Medical Center by the Hampton Inn]

If you've been reading your email, you've heard about the deplorable
conditions the women in the tower at South Bay are fighting.  Grievances
have been filed, calls have been made, and yet still the prison officials
deny the allegations, while the issues with contaminated food continue.
We are working with other prisoner advocacy organizations to take the next
steps in terms of the legal battle.

In the meantime, the women in South Bay need to see that they are not alone.

Come to Mass Ave and Melnea Cass Boulevard at 12:30 this Saturday and
march to the Suffolk County House of Correction to keep up the pressure on
the prisoncrats and to show some love to the folks inside.  Bring noise,
bring messages of encouragement, but most importantly, bring yourself--
and bring some friends, while you're at it!

The tower <http://www.scsdma.org/facilities/hocFacts.html> being what it is,
we probably won't be able to see their faces, but they will be able to see
ours!  Both from later feedback and from engaging with prisoners through the
walls during these demos, these supportive presences outside South Bay are
really meaningful to the folks held captive to let them know that we haven't
forgotten them.

For more information, please contact bostonabc at riseup.net.
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