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> Greetings NEFooders,
>  Do you want to know more about green building? Do you know a  
> student who might want to earn college credit to learn about green  
> building?
>  My name is Ryan Harb. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a  
> finishing graduate student from UMass and in May I will become the  
> first person in the country to receive a MS in Green Building. I  
> have a strong interest in ecological design and for 4 years I have  
> been transforming my single-family home in Amherst, a college rental  
> property, into a model sustainable residence. One project I'm  
> working on now is a front yard transformation – creating a 5000 s.f.  
> highly productive, food producing, permaculture garden at my home.  
> Designing sustainable (food and other) systems is one of many  
> aspects of green building.
>  This summer I will be co-teaching a 3-week Sustainable Design and  
> Construction course at Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA - a model  
> educational and sustainable ecovillage in scenic western  
> Massachusetts. This is one of the few opportunities in the country  
> to receive college credit while learning experientially about  
> sustainable design and construction. All students will receive  
> natural building certification upon completion of this course.
>  Course Topics:
> What is Green Building?
> We will take you on an ecological journey through the entire green  
> building process: from site selection and laying the foundation to  
> selecting appropriate materials and conducting a life cycle analysis.
> Green Structures: Simple to Complex
> Green building at its simplest form: primitive shelter building,  
> site analysis, passive solar architecture, patterning for energy  
> efficiency, renewable energy technologies.
> Natural Building:
> Exploration of natural building materials, their properties and  
> their 'roles' as structural components. Students gain experience in  
> timber frame, straw bale and cob construction.
> Community Strategies:
> Eco-village and community design; master plans and how they evolve  
> over time. Group design project and presentation.
> Course Dates: June 21 – July 11
> Apply before April 15th! The deadline is soon approaching.
> Contact Living Routes today: http://www.livingroutes.com/programs/p_greenbuilding.htm
> Questions to: Ryan Harb <iamharb at gmail.com>
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