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Wed Apr 28 11:21:33 PDT 2010

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April 28, 2010
For our friends and supporters in the Boston area:

Project Director Ben Achtenberg will be making a presentation on [2]The Refuge
Media Project, and showing some clips from our forthcoming [3]video
documentary, at the Jamaica Plain Forum on Friday evening, May 14, 2010, from
7:00 to 9:00pm. It will be great if you can join us. The Forum will be at the
First Church in Jamaica Plain at 6 Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
([4]see map).

The program, entitled [5]Addressing Torture at Home and Abroad: Fighting to
Preserve Human Dignity, will also feature Boston College Professor Brinton
Lykes, talking about her work in Guatemala and across borders. Brinton is a
community cultural psychologist, and is the Associate Director of BC’s
[6]Center for Human Rights and International Justice.
[7]The Jamaica Plain Forum has been a highly successful effort to facilitate
community discussion on a variety of local, national and international issues
through film screenings, speakers, and other events. Its founders are hoping to
turn it into a national movement, offering guidance and resources to
communities everywhere through its [8]Forum Organizing Project. If interested,
download the Project’s free [9]Forum Organizing Guide.

Refuge Media Project graphic by Nick Thorkelson.

We Need Your Support!

Over a hundred countries practice torture, and thousands of their victims
arrive in the United States each year. Through its creation and distribution of
powerful and evocative video and multimedia resources, [10]The Refuge Media
Project supports the work of the dedicated professionals, students, and
volunteers who are helping survivors of torture create new lives for themselves
and their families. [11]Learn more...

Our donors are our lifeline. Please continue to support the Refuge Media
Project and help us spread the word. Share this message with friends, family,
and colleagues. Encourage them to sign-up for our email [12]newsletter and make
a tax-deductible [13]donation.
*  Visit our new blog on [14]Caring for Survivors of Torture,
* [15]Learn more about organizations serving torture survivors,
* Locate recent [16]publications and [17]DVDs dealing with Torture,
* Check out new additions to our [18]Image Galleries
* Visit our new BLOG: Caring for Survivors of Torture

We're deeply grateful for your help!
Ben Achtenberg
Producer / Project Director


[20]ben at refugemediaproject.org


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