[act-ma] 5/9, 5/16, 5/23: Documentary 'Silent Screams' airing on CCTV , Cambridge - Get this critical film on YOUR cable station

pf soto pfsoto at mynas.com
Mon May 10 15:42:46 PDT 2010

<http://www.silentscreams.info/>/*Silent Screams*/
"/The drones can't hear the groans of people dying on the ground. Can we?/"
I am thrilled that CCTV, Cambridge is airing this extremely important 
documentary - 3 times this month.

on CCTV:
5/9  11pm, ch 10
5/16  7pm, ch 10
5/23  9pm, ch 9

Please forward widely to your friends & groups in Cambridge.
And /please /see what you can do to have */your/ local cable station* 
show this brilliant film by Karla Hansen <mailto:karlahansen at hotmail.com>.

You can find out more and *view a trailer* at the Silent Screams 
<http://www.silentscreams.info/> website.
Click on *Take Action *to download  the Indemnification and 
Authorization release form <http://www.silentscreams.info/action.php> 
signed by Director/Producer Karla Hansen. Your cable station will most 
likely require the signed release form. [Unless we act as an antidote to 
MSM propaganda, many if not most americans will not /know /the horror 
they contribute to.]

"/Waking from a dream as she slept comfortably in a remote Kurdish 
village in Northeastern Iran, Karla Hnsen stared wide-eyed at the 
ceiling.  Across the border in Afghanistan, unmanned aerial vehicles 
(drones), controlled by American pilots sitting in front of video 
screens inside the U.S. were dropping bombs on the poorest of 
Afghanistan's poor.  Hundreds of children, beautiful children, like 
those who welcomed her every day during her visit to Iran, had already 
perished. On that night, Hansen made a promise to herself.  She would 
make a film to document the effects of the drones through the eyes of 
innocent children and families with no place left to run.
/*Silent Screams*/ deftly interweaves the lives of Iranian, Afghani and 
Pakistani villagers with those of America's forgotten poor. 
Director-producer Hansen ties the plight of defenseless civilian victims 
abroad with the hardships of countless Americans whose vital needs 
remain unmet as a result of America's spiraling military spending./"

*//*"/[Killiing by drones] is so cruel as to be beyond the pale of human 
tolerance./" ~Senior British judge Lord Bingham of Cornill

"/this unlawful program fits the academic defiinition of 'terrorism.' 
Drone attacks are unlawful, indiscriminately kill civilians, create fear 
and are *ideologically driven for a political goal.*/" ~Carl Herman, LA 
County Nonpartisan Examiner

/"When they come for the innocent without crossing over your body, 
cursed be your religion and your life/." ~Brendan Walsh, a planner for 
the Catonsville-Nine 

"/The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 
30 years of his life./" ~Muhammad Ali (also see Robert Louis Stevenson)

"/If God does exist, I don't think he's vengeful; I just think he's an 
underachiever./" ~Woody Allen

pf soto
rule19.org <http://rule19.org>
UPandOUT.org <http://upandout.org>
AZAPOI.org <http://azapoi.org>


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