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Monday, May 17, 2010
Future of the Electricity Grid with Professor Ignacio Perez-Arriaga
Time: 12:00p–1:00p
Location: 56-302
Our next Science Policy Initiative lunch will be with Professor Perez- 
Arriaga. Please RSVP to mmb6 at mit.edu and forward this invitation to  
anyone that you think would be interested!
Open to: the general public
Sponsor(s): Science Policy Initiative
For more information, contact:
Megan Brewster
mmb6 at mit.edu

Date: Thursday, May 20 2010
Time: 4:00PM to 5:00PM
RoboBees: A convergence of body, brain and colony
Speaker: Professor Gu-Yeon Wei, School of Engineering and Applied  
Sciences, Harvard University
Refreshments: 3:45PM
Location: Kiva, 32-G449
Host: Anant Agarwal, MIT CSAIL
Contact: Cree Bruins, 617-253-2629, cbruins at csail.mit.edu
Did you know that one third of the managed honeybee population in the  
U.S. did not survive the winter? This mysterious phenomenon called the  
colony collapse disorder, or CCD, was the motivating framework around  
which twelve researchers from Harvard, Northeastern, and Centeye got  
together and submitted a proposal to NSF Expeditions called RoboBees.  
Given the disparate research interests of the collaborators, spanning  
biology to distributed systems, the RoboBees project provides an  
exciting common objective to strive towards. This talk provides a high- 
level overview of the scientific and technological challenges we face  
in pursuit of building a colony of flapping-wing roboticbees. While we  
divide up the research into body, brain, and colony, I will explain  
why we believe the interactions and overlap between these components  
will be critical for success. In other words, the whole is greater  
than the sum of its parts.
Friday, May 21, 2010

Rethinking Water: A Critical Resource An MIT-wide Workshop

Speaker: MIT President Susan Hockfield and others

Time: 9:00a–5:00p

Location: 32-123, Kirsch Auditorium, Stata Center, 32-123, 32 Vassar  
St. Cambridge, MA

An inclusive, Institute-wide workshop to comprehend the breadth of  
water research and education at MIT, and discuss how to enhance them  
for the future.

Web site: http://web.mit.edu/water/

Open to: the general public

Cost: FREE

Tickets: Register at http://web.mit.edu/water/register.htm

Sponsor(s): Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, The MIT  
Environmental Research Council; the Deans of Science, Engineering,  
Architecture + Planning, Sloan, and Humanities, Arts & Social  
Sciences; the MIT Energy Initiative

For more information, contact:

Jose Luis Arguello


waterconference at MIT.EDU


Friday, May 21, 2010

Visual Interpretations conference

Speaker: Johanna Drucker, UCLA; Lev Manovich (UC San Diego); Ben  
Schndeiderman (Univ. of Maryland); Fernanda Viegas, Martin Wattenberg  
(Many Eyes/IBM)

Time: 9:00a–9:00p

Location: E15-070, various

The Visual Interpretations conference runs May 20-22 at MIT. The  
conference is free and open to the public, but you must register at  
the website.

Submission deadline: April 14, 2010

HyperStudio's Visual Interpretations conference will bring digital  
practitioners and humanities scholars together with experts in art and  
design to consider the past, present, and future of visual  
epistemology in digital humanities.

The goal is to get beyond the notion that information exists  
independently of visual presentation, and to rethink visualization as  
an integrated analytical method in humanities scholarship. By  
fostering dialogue and critical engagement, this conference aims to  
explore new ways to design data and metadata structures so that their  
visual embodiments function as "humanities tools in digital  
environments." (Johanna Drucker)

Web site: http://hyperstudio.mit.edu/h-digital/

Open to: the general public

Cost: Free, but you must register

Sponsor(s): MIT Hyperstudio, Communications Forum

For more information, contact:
Kurt Fendt
fendt at mit.edu

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweat Lodge Arts Event

Time: 10:00a–9:00p

Location: E15, Richard Fleischner Courtyard (25 Ames St--the grassy  
area between Whitaker College E25, Wiesner Building E15, & MIT Medical  

MIT students from the Society of Creatives, Department of  
Architecture, Program in Art, Culture, & Technology and Media Arts &  
Sciences will host a weekend-long inflatable art intervention on the  
MIT campus. Happening over 3 themed days, "Construct," "Experience,"  
and "Deconstruct," Sweat Lodge will feature performances, happenings,  
structures, workshops, and experiences focusing on social and sensory  

The project is designed to foster creative collaboration between MIT  
students and the communities of MIT, Cambridge, and Boston. Projects  
will facilitate experiential environments for audience participants  
through performance, architecture, installation, sound, visuals,  
smell, taste or other sensory media.

Projects are designed to respond to architecture and the spatial,  
social, and environmental context which they will inhabit.

Made Possible with Support from The Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT).

For full schedule/details, see website

Web site: http://socs.mit.edu/SweatLodge/Index

Open to: the general public
Sponsor(s): Media Lab, MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology,  
Society of Creatives, Department of Architecture

For more information, contact:
Amanda Moore
amm at mit.edu



Is China's Crisis Growth Sustainable?
Mon., May 17, 2010, 12:15 – 1:45 p.m.
CGIS South, Room S153, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge
Humanities, Lecture, Social Sciences
Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies: China Lunchtime Seminar
William Overholt, senior research fellow, Harvard Kennedy School’s  
Rajawalli Asia Center
Free and open to the public
lkluz at fas.harvard.edu


Wednesday, May 19


"The Potential for Wind Power in China."   Sueng-Bok Lee.

Harvard:  Pierce Hall 114



May 17 - May 21
Bay State Bike Week

Tuesday, May 18
8 am - 1 pm
Conference on Small-Scale Urban Wind Turbines:
Lessons from the Museum of Science Wind Turbine Lab

Topics Covered:
Detailed turbine performance data
Project planning - wind and site assessment, permitting, and  
stakeholder relations
Installations - including project management, structural engineering,  
data acquisition systems, and commissioning
Costs and benefits, from financial, environmental, and businesses  
perspectives, and
Funding and government policies

Tickets:  $35, including a light breakfast and lunch
Parking:  $5

For reservations and more information:

Tuesday, May 18, 6-8 pm

GreenPort Forum:  Edible Plants Along the Charles River ? a guided  
walk *
departing from Gallery 263, 263 Pearl Street, Cambridge

Presenter David Craft is a Cambridgeport resident and active forager  
in the Cambridge/Boston area. This walk will introduce people to many  
edible species, some in-season and some that will require a return  
visit. David has recently published /Urban Foraging - finding and  
eating wild plants in the city/.  It is available at The MIT Press  
Bookstore, the Harvard Bookstore, Darwins Ltd, The Globe Corner  
Bookstore, and online at www.harvard.com <http://www.harvard.com/>.

For more information, contact Steve Morr-Wineman at _swineman at gis.net
Music 2.0:  Tools + Tech for Musicians, Marketers + Managers

Event Details
	• Date: 5/18/10
	• Location: Microsoft New England R&D Center, One Memorial Drive,  
Cambridge, MA 02142
	• Time: 6-9pm
	• Audience: Musicians, technologists, promoters and marketers
	• Description: Boston has an impressive number of companies creating  
tools and technologies to help promote and fund music projects. We  
also have a vibrant and diverse music community. It's time to better  
connect the two for the benefit of both. Join us for 10 minute  
presentations and Q&A with:
		• Philip G. Antoniades, President, Founder, Drummer, Nimbit, Inc. http://nimbit.com
		• Joe Berkovitz, President, Noteflight LLC, http://www.noteflight.com
		• Brandon Casci, Founder, Loudcaster, http://loudcaster.com
		• Jason Evanish, Customer Development Manager, http://oneforty.com
		• Kabir Hemrajani, Founder, RiotVine, http://riotvine.com
		• Jack Kelly, CEO, Adva Mobile, http://www.advamobile.com
		• Scott Kirsner, Author, Fans, Friends, and Followers + Columnist,  
Innovation Economy, The Boston Globe
		• Evan Korzon, SCVNGR, http://www.scvngr.com
		• Dave Kusek, Vice President, Berklee College of Music http://berkleemusic.com 
  + Founder, Music Power Network, http://musicpowernetwork.com
		• Benjamin F. Maitland-Lewis, Founder / Executive Director,  
Sidehatch Entertainment Group,http://www.sidehatchentertainment.com, http://www.wickedgoodscene.com 
		• Mike O'Neill, Co-Founder, Audience.fm, http://audience.fm
		• Brad Powell, Founder, Microfundo, http://microfundo.com
		• John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., Founder & Chief Executive Officer,  
Nellymoser, Inc. http://nellymoser.com
		• Benjamin Rahn, Mixapp, http://mixapp.com
...And a chance to meet and network with a variety of musicians,  
marketers, technologists, and promoters as we all figure out what  
music 2.0 looks like for each of us.

Register at http://music2.eventbrite.com/
Friday, May 21, 2010

9.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.

Global Transportation: At a Crossroad
Worldwide mobility has increased significantly over the past decades  
and humans have profited enormously. But we are at a turning point:  
most transportation is no longer sustainable.

Where:  Cambridge Public Library L2 (Lecture Hall), 449 Broadway,  

Join us for a discussion among Swiss and US transportation experts to  
address the challenges of sustainable transportation.

Speakers:     Eric Cosandey, sma+ Partners

                       Amy Cotter, Metropolitan Area Planning Council  

                       Peter Furth, Northeastern University

                       William Lyons, Volpe Center, U.S. Department of  

Features:     Welcome Breakfast (8.30 a.m.) at swissnex Boston,  
Consulate of Switzerland, 420 Broadway, Cambridge (across the street  
of the Public Library) Exhibit Sustainable Transportation (created by  
the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington DC, in collaboration with the  
Federal Office of Transport in Switzerland)

Registration:  http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dDBJNjhzamZCbmlXZERwZG8ya0pOVUE6MA



Thursday, May 27, 2010
12:00 - 5:00 p.m (lunch provided)
Economic Worries? Hey, Join the Club!
at The Marist House, 518 Pleasant Street
Framingham, MA 01701
Join us for a training and learn how to start a Common Security Club  
in your congregation or community.

What's a Common Security Club?
It's a new way for group leaders and trainers to
help congregations and communities help themselves
in these troubled economic times.

The economic meltdown has left people isolated, vulnerable and afraid.  
In response, congregations and communities across the land are forming  
Common Security Clubs to help their members find connection, the  
information they need and avenues to a new kind of security, one based  
on mutual aid and support.

 >>> REGISTER ONLINE NOW. Space is limited.

Who should come?
People with experience in leading groups. No other expertise needed.  
We recommend coming in teams of two or more to make it easier to get  

What will you be doing there?
We will train you how to lead our 5-session curriculum designed to  
launch your Club. It's simple, participatory and truly rewarding.

Chuck Collins and Andrée Zaleska from the Institute for Policy  
Studies, and Alexa Bradley from On the Commons will lead the training.  
The CSC network will provide you with all the materials you need,  
facilitation support and additional downloadable resources.

Registration: There is a $20 registration fee to cover materials and  
lunch. A sliding fee scale is available. Space is limited, so please  
register early.

Contact Andrée Zaleska at Andree at commonsecurityclub.org or  
617-477-8630 x 302 to learn how to register by phone or mail or for  
more information.

The even is sponsored by On the Commons and The Institute for Policy  


Saturday, May 29 and Sunday, May 30

Boston Skill Share



more listings at http://www.bostonscienceandengineeringlectures.com/

links to public lecture information for most colleges and universities  
in the Boston area at http://hubevents.blogspot.com

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