[act-ma] Boston Skill Share

George Mokray gmoke at world.std.com
Tue May 25 20:04:22 PDT 2010

May 29 and 30
Simmons College, 300 The Fenway

schedule for saturday, may 29th, 2010 (tentative)11:00 am - 12:30 pm:  
Block A
	• Sold! To the highest bidder...
	• Art of the Schmooze (Networking Tips)
	• embroidery stitches
	• Fun With Wild Fermentation
	• Learn how to Freestyle (Hip Hop)
	• MassHealth, Commonwealth Care, and You. How to navigate the Mass.  
subisidized health insurance maze.
	• The Dance Dance Revolution: No More Boring Dance Parties
	• What's All the Fuss About Growing and Eating Heirloom Vegetables?
12:45 pm -  2:15 pm: Block B
	• Active Meditation-Boabom class
	• African Hand Drumming Circle
	• Agree to Agree: Consensus Decision-Making Facilitation and  
	• Denali's No-Knead Miracle Bread
	• Gluten-Free and Loving It! A workshop for GF folks and GF Allies
	• Grassroots Fundraising Training
	• How to respond when people disclose abuse: empowerment, effective  
communication and the legal system
	• Neo-Luddism: A Means to a Meaningful Life
	• Zine Making / DIY Event Promotion
  2:15 pm -  3:15 pm: (lunch break)
	• Lunch Time!
  3:15 pm -  4:45 pm: Block C
	• Actually Learn How To Juggle!
	• Argentine Tango - Introductory class
	• How to Use Modern Cloth Diapers to Save Money and the Environment
	• Improvised Laughter
	• Sprouting and Microgreens
	• Storytelling for fun and performance - how to tell a damn good story!
	• This is a stick up! The no gun guide to home tattooing
	• Time Management
	• You Can Make Meaningful Photos with Toy and Alternative Cameras
  5:00 pm -  6:30 pm: Block D
	• Build your online presence
	• Edible Wild Plants
	• Female Ejaculation-You too can squirt!
	• Haircutting for those with low standards
	• Icebreakers, Teambuilders, and Other Fun Ways to Get People Talking  
to Each Other!
	• Making and using quill pens
	• Name & Gender Marker Changes: A Workshop for the Transgender and  
Allied Community
	• Through Movement: Dance To Anything, and Why
schedule for sunday, may 30th, 2010 (tentative)11:00 am - 12:30 pm:  
Block A
	• Acupressure
	• Boabom: Meditation, Movement, Defense from Tibet
	• Lesbian Dating 101
	• Secrets of the Prolific: How to Overcome Writer's Block, Finish  
Your Projects and Get on With Your Life
	• tattoos, body modification, and how they can be correlated to their  
fine arts..
	• urban gardening basics (for beginners)
	• What's Wrong With Processed Foods?
12:45 pm -  2:15 pm: Block B
	• Basic, Non-Macho Auto Maintenance: What Peers Back When You Peer  
Into Your Engine
	• Brew Your Own Kombucha
	• Dance, Dance, Revolución
	• Laughter for the Health of it - introduction to Laughter Yoga
	• Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism and Blocks
	• Safe City Bicycling 101
	• Service Dog 101
	• Starting a Worker Cooperative
  2:15 pm -  3:15 pm: (lunch break)
	• Lunch Time!
  3:15 pm -  4:45 pm: Block C
	• Beginning Middle Eastern Belly Dance
	• Bike Maintenance
	• Fight Off Cravings With EFT
	• Home Brew It Yourself
	• How to Fix Your Credit
	• Make Your Own Tofu
	• Reclaiming Yarn From Old Garments
	• Urban Beekeeping
	• What on Earth is Eco-Feminism?
  5:00 pm -  6:30 pm: Block D
	• Beginner Level Juggling
	• Learn To Knit!
	• Long-Distance Traveling by Bicycle
	• Reiki healing for cats and dogs
	• roadkill arts & crafts: using mammals and birds after they have  
been killed by cars
	• Swing Dancing

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