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> Lori and Salvador are Granted Parole!
> Dear Friends and Supporters of Lori,
> On May 25, 2010 a Peruvian judge, after carefully studying Lori's application for what in Peru is termed "conditional liberty" (parole), determined that Lori has earned her freedom.  Lori and her son Salvador will be leaving prison in a few days and moving to an apartment in Lima.
> Parole requires individuals to live within the city in which they were incarcerated (Lima, in Lori's case) - we do not know if there are exceptions for foreigners or whether Lori will be permitted to travel to the US while on parole.  Parole in Peru is based on good behavior, work and study.  In September 2009 Lori officially filed her application under a Peruvian law which established eligibility after serving 75% of her 20-sentence, less time off for work and study.
> Lori appeared before the judge in court on Monday, May 17th, for a hearing, defended by her husband, Anibal Apari Sanchez, a Lima lawyer and candidate for Mayor of Villa El Salvador, a suburb of Lima with over a half million inhabitants.  Lori will be a single mom - Anibal and Lori are legally separated but remain friends and both share concerns for Salvador's proper upbringing.
> Salvador, now an active one-year old boy, will certainly enjoy the opportunity to run around outside the confines of the prison.  He is learning both English and Spanish but babbles continuously in "unknown tongue."  He is a very happy child and loves to be with people.
> We want to express our gratitude to all of you for your expressions of love and support all these years. You have truly sustained us through some very dark hours and the dawn of a new sunny day has arrived.
> With appreciation, always.
> Rhoda and Mark B.
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