[act-ma] Protest Zionist events on Sunday June 6 ("N.E. Celebrates Israel" & the AIPAC annual dinner)

David Rolde davidrolde at comcast.net
Tue Jun 1 08:05:43 PDT 2010

Two of the biggest  Boston-area pro-Israel events of the year are happening this Sunday, June 6. 

In response to the Zionist regime's attack on the Free Gaza flotilla, hundreds of people marched through downtown Boston yesterday in support of Palestine.  It would be good if people who are appalled by "Israeli" crimes would turn out in the same numbers to protest at these events on Sunday.  I am asking pro-Palestine activists to organize their groups to do this.

On Sunday June 6 at 1pm (til 5pm) is "New England Celebrates Israel" at the Gann Academy in Waltham (333 Forest St near Bentley College) .  This is a large annual festival celebrating the establishment and existence of the colonial apartheid genocide "Jewish State" of "Israel" on stolen land in Palestine.   This event is organized by Combined Jewish Philanthropies who are a fundraising group that also functions (under the name JCRC) as the umbrella group of Jewish Zionist organizations in the Boston area.  This is an annual event that used to be held in Brookline or Boston but was chased out to the next ring of suburbs by yearly protests.  But it is still a big event happening in Waltham.  Gann Academy is a private Jewish high school on a huge multi-million dollar campus.  There is a sidewalk on Forest St at the entrance.  It is a good place to protest. 20 people, including anti-Zionist Neturei Karta rabbis, protested this event last time it was at Gann Academy two years ago.

Still on Sunday June 6, at 5:30pm til 9pm is the AIPAC "New England Leadership Dinner"  in Boston at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=198097 and http://www.aipac.org/index_34052.asp The cocktail reception is at 5:30 and the dinner program is at 6:30.  The keynote speaker at the AIPAC dinner is recently elected racist fanatic Senator Scott Brown.  Most "New England" US congresspeople are likely to be present.  It is a $150/person fundraiser for AIPAC. The chair of the AIPAC dinner is Seth Klarman who is a big investment manager who used to organize the CJP fundraisers. The Sheraton is at 39 Dalton St. It is attached to the Prudential Center mall so a lot of people enter through the garage and mall.  But there is a front entrance on Dalton street that people can protest at.  AIPAC influences the US government both to continue supporting "Israel" and to continue and expand the genocidal wars of aggression and occupation against Muslim countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 

It would be cool if pro-Palestine people would come out to Waltham at 12:30 to protest "New England Celebrates Israel" for a few hours and then drive to Boston to protest AIPAC.  

~ David

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