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Join the "Seize BP" Days of Action
Friday, June 4th in Boston
5:00 PM at Park St. T Station

>From Thursday, June 3rd to Saturday, June 5th, coordinated actions will take place across the country to demand: Seize BP! Demonstrations will be taking place in more than 50 cities as part of a growing, national campaign to protest the mounting economic and environmental damage from BP's offshore oil drilling and to demand that
BP's assets be immediately seized and put in trust to pay for compensation and damages.

In Boston, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition organizers will be organizing a visibility action on Friday, June 4th at Park St. T station, starting at 5:00 PM. We will have hundreds of leaflets, campaign petitions, sound and signs. Please join us in raising awareness about this crucial campaign and in making our voices be heard!

Click here to sign the petition:

To get involved with the "Seize BP" campaign in Boston, please call 857-334-5084 or email boston at answercoalition.org

For more information on BP's criminal actions and how you can take action today, please read this important message recently sent from the Seize BP campaign:

The greatest environmental disaster with no end in sight! Eleven workers dead. Millions of gallons of oil gushing for months (and possibly years) to come. Jobs vanishing. Creatures dying. A pristine environment destroyed for generations. A mega-corporation that has lied and continues to lie, and a government that refuses to protect the people.

When the bill comes due, BP will pick up and leave town. The corporation will be "re-organized" or dissolved with its assets handed over to some other conglomerate before it has to pay out. Its executives will be paid handsomely; the people whose lives it has destroyed will be left to suffer.

The much-hyped "top kill" has failed. For several days, BP continued to build up the belief that the operation might be working when it already knew it was doomed. The Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen spoke like a true BP company man repeatedly telling the public that the operation was succeeding.

The reality is that, faced with a preventable crisis for which it had no contingency plan, BP is now trying to buy time by spewing lies to cover up the spewing oil. The "lower marine riser package cap" about to be tried actually risks increasing the flow of oil. The drilling of a relief well will be completed no sooner than August, and it may not be
successful then. 

BP has no intention of picking up the tab for the destruction it has caused. The communities of the Gulf region whose livelihoods have been destroyed cannot rely on BP to come to the rescue. The Seize BP Campaign is demanding that the government seize BP's assets and place them in a trust to be used to provide for compensation and damages.

NO CAP - No Immunity for BP!

Just over a week ago, Seize BP launched the No Cap on Damages campaign, which is having a major impact. More and more in Congress are moving to support lifting the damages cap - but we are not there yet. Click below to take a moment now to send a letter to your elected official telling them that BP must not be granted immunity from damages:

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 caps damages for oil companies responsible for offshore drilling accidents at $75 million on top of recovery costs. Some in Congress have suggested creating a higher cap - but there should be no immunity at all! They caused the damage, they must pay for it. BP rakes in over $90 million dollars a day in pure profit - that's money after all their "expenses" including their wealthy executive salaries and perks.

Click here to send a letter and take action now:

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

boston at answercoalition.org
Boston office: 857-334-5084

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