[act-ma] Sun Aug 22 4pm MIT: The American Invasion/Occupation of Afghanistan

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Wed Aug 18 06:47:38 PDT 2010

We mark the 63rd anniversary of the formal independence of South Asian
countries from colonialism on this day.  We affirm our commitment to
the struggle for true democracy and social justice in South Asia and
we express solidarity with all movements against injustice and

We invite you to a talk on

The American Invasion/Occupation of Afghanistan and the Birth of a
National Liberation Movement

Marc W. Herold

Bush Room (Building 10 Room 105)  - MIT

August 22nd Sunday 4:00 PM


Marc Herold is an Associate Professor of Economic Development and
Women?s Studies at the University of New Hampshire, who has been
monitoring and writing extensively since 2001 about the socio-economic
history of Afghanistan, US/NATO military strategy, the Afghan
resistance, and the human costs of the Afghan war. Some of his work is
available at http://wsbe2.unh.edu/marc-w-herold and


Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia
The South Asia Forum at MIT

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