[act-ma] Flag washing on Sept 11 Park St. Station 1 PM

Susan Serpa neimpeach at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 14:16:18 PDT 2010

Join Committee for Peace and Human Rights for a public *flag washing* on the
anniversary of September 11, as part of our weekly anti-war protest at Park
St Station on
*Saturday September 11 at 1pm.*

Help us try to wash the lies and crimes out of the American flag, to do our
part to bring real democracy to our country based on actual understanding.
The rationale for *“the War On Terror”* is first among the lies that shape
our public policy.

Come narrate as you wash, if you want, or just help us wash.  (We will have
a few flags, plenty for all who want to help.)  We do not want to have our
foreign policy based on a bunch of lies, especially when the many wars
resulting from the lies take money we need to work on domestic issues.  We
are not under grave threat, even if the MBTA’s “Now, more than ever”
messages might lead a person to think so.

*The main lies we would like to wash out of the flag are:*

   - That Sept 11 was an attack on the US by Muslim extremists that the US,
   with all its military might, was not able to defend against, and that
   somehow attacking and occupying Muslim lands will make us safer and prevent
   another terrorist attack.  The war in Afghanistan is based on an even
   bigger lie than the war in Iraq and was being staged prior to September 11.
   - That the US is fighting for “democracy” around the world, when our
   government is usually actually acting to control some resource,
usually oil.
   Actually, US foreign policy has been responsible for the deaths of over
   13 million people around the world since the end of WWII, through covert and
   overt wars, and in modern warfare 95% of the casualties are civilians.
   - That the US stands for human rights, when actually the US has given up
   long-held principles and traditions like Habeas Corpus, the right to
   challenge one’s detention and is still holding many people picked up after
   9/11.  Obama, like Bush, claims the right to hold “terror suspects”
   indefinitely without charges and the torture is continuing.  What is so
   much worse about our enemies today than in the past, that our age-old
   tradition of the rule of law no longer works?
   - That things are better under Obama.  He has increased the number of
   covert operations to 75, more than Bush had going.  Most of those
   operations are secret wars, secret from us, not the people there!  Just
   as many civilians are being killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, under Obama as
   under Bush.  All the articles of impeachment introduced in Congress
   against the Bush administration by Rep McKinney and Rep Kucinich still apply
   to Obama, in some cases he has made the situation worse.
   - That the US has withdrawn from Iraq, when 50,000 troops are left, along
   with countless contractor mercenaries and the supposedly “training” troops
   got into their first firefight just days after the made-for-TV withdrawal
   - That the huge banking and insurance companies who created the financial
   crisis we are in are too big to fail and needed to be bailed out with our
   taxes to save the economy, when in fact they are too big to exist and the
   economy has not been saved.

*The crimes are too many to list them all* starting with all the death and
destruction in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, where US wars and sanctions
have killed millions and created endless suffering that will last for
generations, with birth defects coming from toxic depleted uranium, white
phosphorous and other toxic weapons and by-products of war.  The US is
giving millions in flood aid to Pakistan, and spending billions on the drone
attacks targeting “insurgent leaders” who would not be insurgents if the US
were not illegally occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and playing a large
military role in Pakistan.

If you’re in the military and don’t like these wars, follow the example of
brave resisters like Camilo Mejia and whistle blowers like Bradley Manning,
who is now in the brig in Quantico, VA for releasing secret information
about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including a massacre in Iraq in 2007
viewable at www.CollateralMurder.com
.  To support him, go to www.BradleyManning.org<http://www.bradleymanning.org/>

If you’re a vet, join Vets For Peace,
www.MassVFP.org<http://www.massvfp.org/>or Iraq Veterans Against the

To help find and spread the truth about September 11, contact
www.911Truth.org <http://www.911truth.org/>.

To get involved in the peace movement, see
www.StopTheWars.org <http://www.stopthewars.org/>.

To help stop torture, contact Witness Against Torture,
www.WitnessTorture.org <http://www.witnesstorture.org/>.

For more information or to talk about this, contact Susan McLucas, (617)
776-6524 SusanBMcL at gmail.com <SusanBMcL at gmail.com>, Committee for Peace and
Human Rights, (the Saturday vigil at Park St Station, 1-2)
and Citizens Action Team
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