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> Senator Kerry: Stop the Afghanistan War! (TOMORROW)
> Top, John Kerry denounces the Vietnam war in April 1971. Above,
> Kerry in July 2009 promises to "take a hard look" at the Afghanistan
> war.
> When: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
> Where: Home of Sen. John Kerry • 19 Louisburg Square at Pinckney St.
> • Charles/MGH T stop • Boston
> WILPF Boston in collaboration with other groups, plans to
> demonstrate in front of Sen. John Kerry's home.  Join us!
> Kerry is a key player in Afghanistan policy.   As chair of the
> Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry has the power to call for
> hearings to end U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. Although Kerry has
> repeatedly hinted that he will break with the Administration's war
> in Afghanistan, he has never done so.   Unlike all 10 Massachusetts
> House Representatives who joined the majority of House Democrats and
> voted in July for an exit timeline, and unlike 9 who voted against
> war funds, Kerry has not called for ending the war, an exit strategy
> or reduction in funding.
> We are calling for him to sponsor hearings to get out of Afghanistan
> and cut military spending.  Peace activists presented a letter to
> Chris Wyman, manager of Kerry's Boston office, on October 20,
> calling for Sen. Kerry to hold hearings on the disastrous U.S. war
> in Afghanistan.
> Signs will include these messages:
> US out of Afghanistan
> Bring the War Tax Dollars Home
> Raging Grannies, a well known street singing group, will be joining
> the demonstration.  Veterans for Peace have expressed interest in
> participating as well.
> Other WILPF branches will be having actions in other cities as well
> on the same day.   Contact: wilpf_boston at verizon.net.
> Read back issues of the Afghanistan War Weekly
> United for Justice with Peace is a coalition of peace and justice
> organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston
> region. The UJP Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global
> peace through social and economic justice.
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> today.
> ujpcoalition at gmail.com
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> Ending Apartheid: The Legacy of Struggle at BU	Tue Oct 26	7:00pm	
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> Senator Kerry: Stop the Afghanistan War!	Wed Oct 27	4:30pm	Home of
> Sen. John Kerry	Boston
> Ann Jones: Let's Not Forget the Women?	Thu Oct 28	5:30pm	Harvard
> Kennedy School	Cambridge
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> 6:00pm	Community Church of Boston	Boston
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> Parish in Cambridge	Cambridge
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> Cambridge Friends Meeting Center	Cambridge
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> TabernacleChurch	Salem
> Regional Antiwar Conference	Sat Nov 6	12:00pm	St Marks Church	New
> York, NY
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