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UJP Activist: Charles Derber - Greed to Green: Connecting the Dots


Connecting the Dots between the Economy, Climate Change, and War

and What to Do Before It's Too Late

Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 7:30pm

McGuinn Hall - Room 521

Boston College on Beacon St., Newton (Chestnut Hill)

opposite the intersection with Lawrence Ave.

Parking available on Beacon Street

The presentation will focus on the urgent need for activism to address the three
great intertwined crises of the day: the capitalist global economic crisis, the
climate catastrophe, and unchecked militarism.  Derber will offer a new
analysis of the intertwined crises, oriented toward sparking new models of
activism among progressive individuals and movements.

Copies of Prof. Derber's book, Greed to Green, will be available for purchase.

Sponsored by: Newton Dialogues on Peace and War
ntndlg at comcast.net [1] - www.newtondialogues.org [2]

P.O. Box 601395, Newton, MA 02461

Download the Poster [3]


Charles Derber is a writer  who studies the "big picture" of American culture
and global capitalism. His  recent books focus on climate change, capitalism,
globalization, terrorism, the  culture of hegemony, and the power of
multinational corporations. He has also  written extensively on the American
Dream and the crisis of individualism that  defines American life, showing how
our problems of community are organically  tied to economic and political

Public sociologists seek to bring  the sociological imagination to a larger
public forum. Derber writes mainly for  a broad, public audience and spends
considerable time writing and speaking for  mass media and magazines. His books
have been translated into German, Chinese,  and Polish and are addressing a
global audience. He has been intimately involved  in the worldwide debate about
climate change, capitalism, globalization,  corporate power, the war on
terrorism, and American Empire. This reflects his  view that sociologists who
feel they have something important to say should  write in a clear and simple
way rather than dress their arguments up in  technical jargon. Sociologists have
a distinctive perspective to offer on our  social problems, and we are
defaulting on our responsibilities if we don't enter  the public debate.


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