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*1. February 8th: Two Meetings on the Georgia Prisoners' Strike with Eljeer
*2. Protest "Secure Communities," Saturday February 12th
*3. Daily Reports and Analysis from North Africa at SocialistWorld.net*
*4. Future Events*
1. Georgia Prisoners' Strike Discussion with Eljeer Hawkins: Two Chances to

*If you haven't heard about the Georgia Prisoners' Strike, then you NEED to.
*Against all odds, prisoners went on strike throughout Georgia and won!
Socialist Alternative members have been in touch with prisoners and their
families throughout.*
*Right now, prisoners face a tremendous amount of repression. See our
specific solidarity appeal and interview here: *

Eljeer Hawkins, an inspiring speaker born and raised in Harlem, NY is giving
talks at two meetings in Boston on Tuesday, February 8th. Both are free and
open to the public, and both will be held at UMass-Boston. Eljeer has been
leading Socialist Alternative's campaign to defend Georgia state prisoner
Shawn Whatley.

*Eljeer will be speaking about the Georgia Prisoners' Strike at the Criminal
Injustice System on Tuesday, February 8th at 1pm in UMass-Boston's Campus
Center Ballroom A -- Room 3550A. *
That same evening, Socialist Alternative will be making our weekly branch
meeting open to the public to hear Eljeer's talk. The second half of the
meeting will deal with our campaigns and ongoing work. This meeting will be
held from 7pm to 9pm at UMass-Boston's Wheatley Building 4th Floor Lounge.

The facebook event for the afternoon meeting can be found here:

*2. Say 'No' to the Anti-immigrant "Secure Communities" Program!*


Say 'No' to the Anti-immigrant “Secure Communities” Program!

When: Saturday, February 12th - 1pm-3pm
Where: Massachusetts State House – 24 Beacon Street Boston Ma, 02133

On Saturday, February 12th, people from across Massachusetts will come
together at the State House to fight against the State's intention to join
the anti-immigrant and racist “Secure Communities” program.

*This event was initiated by seven organizations including Boston May Day
Coalition and Socialist Alternative. It has been endorsed by over 30 other
organizations. See bostonmayday.org for details.*

*3. Uprising in North Africa: See SocialistWorld.net*
*Daily Reports and analysis! What an inspiration! *

4. Future Events

Later in February, we'll be working with a number of other groups on a
teach-in about the Egyptian revolution.

In March, we'll be celebrating the hundredth anniversary of International
Women's Day and the release of Steve Early's new book.

In April, along with others, we'll be hosting a Cindy Sheehan visit to

There's much more on the way, and we'll try to keep you all posted.

-Boston Socialist Alternative
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