[act-ma] "Eyewitness Gaza" : a new slide show about Gaza by Cambridge photographer Skip Schiel -- February 24

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*Eyewitness Gaza

*a new slide show about Gaza
by Cambridge photographer
*Skip Schiel


*Mural, Gaza City , 2010

*Thursday, February 24, 7:00 pm
at the
*Cambridge Family YMCA Theater*

820 Massachusetts Ave. , Central Square , Cambridge

public discussion moderated by
*Dr. Nancy Murray
*President of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation

*“Eyewitness Gaza ”* : a new slide show about Gaza by Cambridge photographer
*Skip Schiel* with public discussion moderated by *Dr. Nancy Murray*.
Thursday, February 24, at 7:00 pm.  Admission is free and open to all.
Cambridge Family YMCA Theater, 820 Massachusetts Ave. , Central Square ,
Cambridge .  Wheelchair accessible and conveniently located near the Central
Square stop on the MBTA Red Line.  For directions, log onto
www.cambridgeymca.org/directions.html or contact Skip Schiel at 617-441-7756,
skipschiel at gmail.com <http://mc/compose?to=skipschiel@gmail.com>.

With the support of many in his local and national Quaker community, *Skip
Schiel* has been traveling since 2003 to Israel and Palestine to investigate
and portray conditions and struggles.  He has worked with a variety of
organizations, both Israeli and Palestinian and joint organizations,
volunteering to make photographs for them that he also can circulate as
slide shows and print exhibitions.  Schiel’s hope is to open eyes and doors
and windows, encouraging awareness and action.

This presentation, moderated by *Dr. Nancy Murray
*(www.gazamentalhealth.organd author
of *Rights Matter: the Story of the Bill of Right*, www.rightsmatter.org),
will be video recorded as the major scene in a forthcoming movie, *Eyewitness
Gaza*, and the evening will begin with a preview of the movie being made by
Tom Jackson of Joe Public Films in cooperation with Adham Khalil in Gaza.
Preview of the new movie here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMTjjoB3bW0.
Other sample footage can be found at* *www.joepublicfilms.com, as well as at

*What are the current conditions in Gaza and what constitutes popular
to both the Israeli siege and the inter-factional violence?
How does Gaza relate to Egypt and other Arabic uprisings?*


*Kanaan Samouni with camera, Gaza City, 2010,
many of his family were massacred by Israeli forces
during the assault on Gaza 2 years ago*

*Further Background on Skip Schiel*:

A participatory photographer, photographing while engaging in struggles for
justice, peace, right treatment of the environment, and enlightenment, *Skip
Schiel* makes photos for publications, exhibits, slide shows, and individual
use.  His primary current project is a photographic examination of
conditions in Palestine & Israel.  Other projects include retracing the
Transatlantic African slave trade journey (*A Spirit People*), the
earth (*Scent
of Earth*), prisons (*Imprisoned Massachusetts*), and a Buddhist-led
pilgrimage from Auschwitz to Hiroshima (*Passing Through*).

Schiel has also photographed environmental desecration, racism and racial
justice, South Africa , poverty, American Indians, the US South, and
resistance to oppressive regimes in the US and abroad.  He is exploring
digital technology, curious about its influence on photography — producing,
consuming, and thinking about the photograph.

Since 1990 Schiel has been teaching at the Cambridge Center of Adult
Education, ranging from basic photography to digital darkroom and
photographic field workshops concentrating on light in photography.  He has
also taught photography at the Landscape Institute formerly at Harvard, the
Quaker Palestine Youth Program in Palestine , filmmaking for 10 years at
Boston College , and various workshops at Quaker gatherings.  Schiel joins
with others in various campaigns for peace, justice, reconciliation, &
truth-telling.  He plays, experiments, & contemplates — and for this he may
get arrested and imprisoned periodically.  Maybe he joins a pilgrimage, a
vigil, a rally or a talk or an outing along a river; maybe he simply stays
home and absorbs the afternoon light.

Skip Schiel is a socially engaged photographer, making photographs for the
viewer, for his family and friends, and for those not yet born, so that they
might know him more intimately.  And he makes photographs for himself in
order to remember where and when he existed.

Visit teeksaphoto.org and skipschiel.wordpress.com for more information on
Skip Schiel.  Go specifically to
more on the movie making in Gaza .

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