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People at Boston University Thursday!

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> Subject: [BAAM!announce] Urgent Need for Massive Solidarity and People
> at Boston University Thursday!
> Boston University Students For Justice in Palestine is making an urgent
> call out for a demonstration on the sidewalk at Marsh Chapel at BU.
> After 2 weeks of intense organizing to confront "Israel Peace Week"
> and for our own "Israel Apartheid Week" we erected a apartheid wall on
> campus. This came after numerous attempts from Boston University
> Students for Israel and affiliated students to intimidate us, convince
> us to halt our work, and urge BU's administration to stop us from
> building the wall. Students for Israel has tried to stop the mock wall
> because it is an embarrassment to Israel and its supporters; whereas
> the wall itself is an embarrassment to humanity. They have intensified
> their response to us and they sent this out to the BU Hillel listserve.
> We are calling on Palestine supporters of all stripes to come out in
> support of us at a counter rally.
> This Thursday, 2pm on the sidewalk in front of Marsh Chapel (735
> Commonwealth Avenue Boston). Bring megaphones, bring banners,
> Palestine flags..etc.. (No signs with comparing Israel to nazis or
> holocaust imagery, swastikas, pro hamas shit, or stuff like that)
> radical march bands and radical cheerleaders welcome!... We are going
> all out for Israel Apartheid Week and for the liberation of the
> Palestinians.
> --Ian
> Boston University SJP
> Attached is the email sent out to BU Hillel tonight:
> From: "BU Hillel/B.U.S.I." >
> Date: March 1, 2011 8:06:02 PM EST
> Israel Attacked at BU: URGENT Response Thursday at 3pm
> March 1, 2011
> Dear Ariana,
> I ask you to please read this letter in its entirety.
> An SAO registered student group called Students for Justice in
> Palestine (SJP) was started on our campus last year. Today, SJP built a
> mock-wall that will be on campus throughout the week as a part of their
> "Israel-Apartheid Week". The group has spent the week promoting
> factually incorrect statements, such as: "Israel is an apartheid
> state," "Israel engages in ethnic cleansing" and "Gaza similar to
> Warsaw Ghetto". The group engages in hateful speech, using expletives
> and intimidation. These false and hurtful claims attack and
> misrepresent Israel's very being and promote a sense of undeserved
> hatred towards Israel. On a campus such as our own, which promotes
> learning and research, it is disheartening that students have to endure
> hatred and lies.
> Through their creation of the mock-wall, SJP hopes to sensationalize
> the security barrier that was erected in Israel as a means of
> self-defense against violent groups, such as Hamas, that have called
> for Israel and the Jewish people to be annihilated. Since the barrier
> was built in 2002, terrorist attacks perpetrated against Israel have
> dropped by over 95%. The security barrier ensures the safety of all
> Israeli citizens. Jewish, Arab and Christian children must be provided
> with their undeniable right to live a life free of the fear of
> terrorism. Israel provides this right by defending herself. Any country
> that would do less than this is failing their citizens. Citizens of
> Gaza are deprived of this security by Hamas, a recognized terrorist
> organization by the United States and the European Union. Hamas
> threatens the daily security of Israeli and Palestinian citizens and
> denies citizens of Gaza basic civil liberties. This leaves Israel
> without a partner in peace.
> Boston University Students for Israel (BUSI) has spent the
> past week illustrating Israel's true and democratic quest for peace.
> Drawing parallels between Israel and South African Apartheid is
> deceitful because South Africa's white minority population forcefully
> segregated blacks, solely based on the color of their skin, and
> deprived them of equal rights and opportunities. Alternatively, Israel
> is a Jewish majority and all minorities, including the 20% who are
> Arab, have full and equal rights, legal representation and protection.
> Claiming that Israel "engages in ethnic cleansing" is painfully
> offensive to both Israel and Jews. Ethnic cleansing suggests that a
> government is engaging in systematic murder. Hitler's Nazi Germany
> engaged in ethnic cleansing as enforced by Heinrich Himmler's 'Final
> Solution' of 1942 in which he called for the systematic annihilation of
> World Jewry. It is a falsehood of great magnitudes to suggest that
> Israel does this. Israel provides millions of dollars in aid to Gaza,
> provides medical treatment to Gaza's citizens and full citizenship to
> any Arab who lives within Israel's borders. SJP chooses to make
> sensationalist claims about Israel in the hope that people will simply
> comply with their antics.
> We feel as if our campus is under attack. Israel and Zionists are being
> misrepresented. We as University students respect the truth, have
> solidarity for Israel and will not let ourselves be intimidated. When
> we are being misrepresented it is our duty to respond. As moral
> individuals we cannot stand by while both the Palestinian and Israeli
> people are being misrepresented by SJP. Israel is the only true
> democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish homeland. We need to
> defend her. This coming Thursday at 3pm on Marsh Chapel we will gather
> to show our support for Israel. It is our responsibility as supporters
> of Israel to stand by her in a time of need. We will be sending
> further information about this gathering, but we are making the plea
> that if you do support Israel and oppose hatred, that you attend our
> gathering.
> Sincerely,
> The Executive Board of Boston University Students for Israel (BUSI)
> The Executive Board of Boston University Hillel
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