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Dear All,

This Friday, 4/1/11, Union-busting CEO Howard Schultz of Starbucks Coffee
will speak at the Harvard Business School. For years the corporation has
retaliated against Starbucks Workers' Union activists, illegally targeting,
interrogating, harassing and firing them. Starbucks workers make poverty
pay. They must make themselves available 80 hours out of any week but are
guaranteed no hours whatsoever. Last summer, after raking in $977.2 million
in the previous 4 quarters, the company doubled the cost of health
insurance, slashed staffing, and cut hours while demanding even more work
from employees.  A pervasive authoritarian management culture has led to
abuses against workers like barista Kati Moore, who was repeatedly raped by
her supervisor, and then subjected to vicious intimidation tactics by
Starbucks's lawyers.

Let's not allow Schultz to pretend that his company is "socially
responsible!!" This Friday, starting at 12 noon,  we will picket, joined by
Barista/Organizers including  Anja Witek from the Twin Cities and Liberte
Locke from NYC.  Please come join us in front of  Harvard's Spangler Hall!

Spangler Hall is located 1 block from the intersection of Soldiers' Field
Road and Western Ave (3 min by car or about a 15-minute walk from Harvard or
Central Square). From Harvard Sq, take JFK Street, cross the Charles river
and turn left on Gordon Rd. which will take you directly to Spangler Hall.
>From Central Sq, take Western Ave, which runs right in front of the
building. Here's the
You can easily get to Spangler Hall on bus routes which include the 66, 70,
and 86 MBTA buses.

A flyer is attached with more information. Please forward this email as
widely as possible! Facebook event is

In Solidarity,

Geoff Carens
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
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