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Fri May 27 08:06:48 PDT 2011

  [dump the P&J Industry; climb aboard ...]

"/THE AMERICAN DREAM is so over.
We want truth and justice & freedom not blenders and coffee makers and 
toasters ...
is what we want, what we need, what the world needs ...
because without a NEW American Dream ... The World ... is so over./"

<http://theshow.newamericandream.info/>"Our shows will always be 
archived on this site, as well as on the Black Op Radio 
<http://www.blackopradio.com> site and World News Trus 
<http://www.worldnewstrust.com>t. We're just getting started (first 
broadcast February 3, 2011) so please bear with us if you find anything 
that doesn't work. And let us know, either via the contact form or by 
email to radio at newamericandream.info 
<mailto:radio at newamericandream.info>. Thanks!

A note added March 16: I hear that some people are having trouble 
finding our archived shows. Look up! That nav bar up there has a section 
called /Shows/ and that's where you will find the recordings. Each show 
page, which is named by the date of the show, has a player where you can 
listen. And today I'll be adding a download link for each one, so that 
those with slower connections can grab a local copy when they visit 
their faster friends and save it for later listening. We're listening to 
what you guys say. Please keep telling us how we are doing. Thanks.

We'd love to have you sign up for our newsletter using the form on the 
right. Once a week you'll get a reminder about the show, with the list 
of guests, and a followup when the recorded show is posted to the site. 
(Or at least that's the plan; we don't seem to send from the site as 
often as we had planned...)"

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