[act-ma] Monday - Mass Hope 2011 24/7 Vigil @ the State House (6/20)

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Mon Jun 20 13:04:37 PDT 2011

*MassHope 2011*

*Join our vigil!*

Dear Friends and Allies,

Last week, people concerned about immigrant rights won a big victory when
Governor Patrick said No to Secure Communities, a program which has unfairly
deported large numbers of immigrants. But hostile Senators have attached
anti-immigrant, anti-worker, and anti-family amendments to the Senate
version of the state budget. The budget is now in conference and we must let
the chairs of that committee know that these outrageous amendments are
The amendments would:

   - Mandate that the Attorney General continue to receive *complaints about
   employment of undocumented workers *and refer to ICE.
   - Establish an anonymous hotline to report undocumented workers to the
   Attorney General's Office
   - Require beneficiaries of all state medical benefits, including
   emergency Medicaid, to prove lawful residency
   - Increase penalties for driving without a license
   - Require proof of legal residency for all family members residing in
   public housing

We won't stand for this! Immigrants are a vital part of our state's economy
and society. Rather than criminalizing immigrants and creating barriers to
access, we need the state to create jobs and increase resources for all its
residents. *We are starting our 24/7 vigil on the steps of the statehouse
this MONDAY JUNE 20th at 8AM until these amendments are removed from the
budget. *Here are ways you can help:

1. Sign our petition<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=4xuhmfdab&et=1106125158677&s=1123&e=001_tb6XxYl5vvlU48IWQYFGUF56mf_z7Q9a_H1Bo_os94bHizcKV4WcLNfCCDvCtAbVW6YGPQHQtMiUrMeuDdE3xCWixBLV83nGgNOrUJPKv2xq663YBUPnCpoqpnFUIZ1yIK9NztQ4ijYUkdNDGBuOQXOE8fkYvPQfdXjNcU-9Du_plgCgZACl-_EEXtL49YxEJ_yODYjj9s=>

2. Call the conference committee members and ask them to vote against these
amendments, known as "Redraft of Governor's 122."

*House Speaker Robert DeLeo, 617-722-2500 *

*Sen. Stephen Brewer, 617-722-1540 *

*Sen. Steven Baddour, 617-722-1604
Sen. Michael Knapik, 617-722-1415*

*Rep. Brian Dempsey, 617-722-2990*

*Rep. Viriato deMacedo, 617-722-2100 *

*Rep. Stephen Kulik, 617-722-2380*

Sample call:
My name is______.   I am a member of (union, organization,
congregation)_____. I live in (city/town)__________.  I'm calling to express
my outrage at the anti-immigrant budget amendments approved by the Senate
and to urge the conference committee to reject all the anti-immigrant
amendments in the Senate 122.1 budget. The provisions are anti-family,
anti-worker, and racist.

3. *Visit us* at the State House by volunteering for a shift at the vigil by
contacting Jase Gratini (jgratini at msn.com or 781-534-4609). Shifts are from
8-8, day and night. If you can't stay for a full 12-hour shift, stop by
whenever you can! Monday is Father's Day actions, Tuesday has a Poetry Slam
at 4:30pm, Wednesday brings a step performance! at 4:30pm and Thursday is
Children's Day :) Bring photos of your immigrant friends, family, and allies
to post on our solidarity photo collage!

4. Most importantly! Join us for our *Day of Action on Friday, June 24* at
noon when we have our mock graduation of SIMmers followed by a top secret
and important action at the State House! Contact
Nataly.castano at gmail.com or 978-902-0882)
for more information.

5. Make a donation of food, water, umbrellas, white plastic shower curtains
or posterboard, candles, or money. You can bring it to the vigil or make an
online donation to the Student Immigrant Movement

6. Contact Lily lily.yimche.huang at gmail.com or 857-204-5550 if your
organization would like to sponsor the vigil.

7. Tell your friends and family about the vigil. Learn more at the Mass Hope
2011 website<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=4xuhmfdab&et=1106125158677&s=1123&e=001_tb6XxYl5vsyzmXHQ_-j0xGBVA4OxqGne-P4ST6df7tBTqTlcyvh5mdndwPGAcarA3m4Dwp__Xq1Ds_lfVNqsxU0_f-33ZXAuBmSj1Fqp7ZR7xBJp7WKExYEqlekd_EGelQxcFPqekU=>
the SIM website<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=4xuhmfdab&et=1106125158677&s=1123&e=001_tb6XxYl5vtGXcuNYh65ME16iwnFE2r9I1lnmH4k3QoGXh8-qaqHN3CeMCRD_04T-9DmDcpJ6N-XVH8EQS2U5ElrfEZ0t7ALUe0kKmBF8oY=>

 Thank you for standing in solidarity with us and being part of our

-Student Immigrant Movement
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