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*New American Dream Radio Show [& newsletter]**
*Tom Sterner will be on this Thursday
Show airs every Thursday, 6:45 CT
http://theshow.newamericandream.info <http://theshow.newamericandream.info/>

    "We want truth and justice & freedom
    not blenders and coffee makers and toasters ...
    is what we want, what we need, what the world needs ...
    because without a NEW American Dream ...
    The World ...
    is so over."

*See also the print site: * http://www.newamericandream.net

    "/it's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to
    believe it./" ~George Carlin
    "/Run with the hunted/" Charles Bukowski
    "/I don't want to belong to a country that attacks little
    countries/." ~Kurt Vonegut

    "The New American Dream is a 'Yellow Ribbon Free Zone.'
    We do not support the troops.
    We do not support fighter planes flying over the Super Bowl.
    And why "The Star Spangled Banner?"
    Steve Earle's "F The FBI
    <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Af5SahC1DE>" is actually a song
    more in line
    with a free nation, a nation that at least wants to be free.

    "It's been
    a long road.
     From a stolen election, to a government-planned attack on Sept. 11,
    to two invasions based on lies, based on power, on money.
    What else?
    To a murdered Senator, the one standing in their way, who would not
    be moved.
    We didn't want it to come. We marched. We e-mailed, we sang, we
    wrote, we got arrested.
    But it came anyway.
    And it is still here.

*Get a free, no obligation, trial copy of The Creek - by phone or email 
"The */Rock Creek Free Press/* is an eight page broadsheet newspaper, 
printed in black and white on the finest newsprint. */The Creek/* is 
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