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*[he's incarcerated in Plymouth, MA. ]

A few current initiatives for Tarek Mehanna. Please do what you can to 

***Please Forward Widely**

*The United States of America vs. Tarek Mehanna:*

*It's Crunch Time!*


Dr. Tarek Mehanna's trial is set to begin Monday October 3rd, 2011. 
Blatant character assassination is being used to make Dr. Mehanna guilty 
in the eyes of the public before ever stepping foot into the courtroom. 
Over the summer, the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee will be launching 
several initiatives to help combat the lies being spread and defend Dr. 
Mehanna's true character. *With Dr. Mehanna's trial just 3 months away - 
it's crunch time!* He's touched the hearts of countless souls the world 
over. Can you spare a moment to help us win his freedom?

*Associated Press Media Campaign:*  The Associated Press has printed 
several articles about Dr. Mehanna's case, each repeating inaccurate and 
misleading claims regarding a shopping mall plot that**Dr. Mehanna has 
never been charged with. We are /collecting signatures/ to demand that 
AP stop spreading, and retract, these baseless accusations against Dr. 
Mehanna. Each name counts! Here's the link:


*Testimonies Project**: *We are looking for /written testimonies/**by 
those who know Dr. Mehanna as well as /photo testimonies/ from all who 
support him. This is a 2-part project. Your written testimonies will 
play a large role in defending Dr. Mehanna's character through your 
words- your photos will add to this by providing a visual representation 
of the wide-spread support for Dr. Mehanna.

  In the coming weeks we will be announcing additional ways that you can 
show your support for Dr. Mehanna. Look out for updates on the website, 
Facebook, Twitter and in your emails.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how you can be involved in 
each initiative.

And remember - it's crunch time!

www.FreeTarek.com <http://www.FreeTarek.com>


*AP Media Campaign: Stop the Irresponsible Use of Misinformation!*

*July 6th -- July 21st*

You can help us put the pressure on AP by participating in our media 
campaign. It's simple. We've created a letter to AP in the form of a 
petition. Each signature will send an individual email to the editors at 
Associated Press. *We ask that, in the next two weeks, you sign on to 
our petition and encourage your friends to do the same. *We will keep 
you posted on any responses we receive and if the need for an escalated 
campaign arises.

Here's the petition: 

AP has continued to reprint the claims that Dr. Mehanna was involved in 
an assassination and shopping mall plot while neither of these supposed 
plots is even mentioned in the charges against Dr. Mehanna. The media 
spreading these claims tarnishes Dr. Mehanna's character and has a 
strong influence on the upcoming trial.**Continuing to print these 
baseless allegations is irresponsible and unprofessional.

*Testimonies Project: Will You Accept Their Challenge?*

*July 3rd-July 31st*

In a direct challenge to our communities, the FBI has turned at least 
two vocal opponents of Dr. Mehanna into witnesses. They will be 
testifying in support of the Government, as representatives of their 
respective communities, claiming they know Dr. Mehanna's true nature & 

They say they speak for the rest of us! They say they represent us! They 
say they know Tarek Mehanna! Are they right? Let us hear from you. 
Participate in this 2-part testimonies project!

All of your testimonies will be utilized as a testament to his character 
and standing in the community. His public opponents have taken it up a 
notch by actively working against him. Let's show them that we can take 
whatever they dish out. We can't afford to be silent anymore ... it's' 
now or never! *We ask that you send your statements and photos in by 
July 31st to FreeTarek at gmail.com <mailto:FreeTarek at gmail.com>*

*Written Statements: *Was he a student of yours? Tell us about the 
promise he held for the future. Was he a spiritual guide for you? Let us 
know about the journey you took together. Was he a confidant of yours? 
Tell us about the shoulder you cried on. Was he a colleague of yours? 
Tell us about the example he set forth ... *tell us about the Tarek that 
only you knew! Please keep your written submissions limited to one page.*

Although we would like to hear from Dr. Mehanna's friends & 
acquaintances across the globe, we are particularly eager to hear from 
those who knew him in America.

*International Photos://*Dr. Tarek Mehanna has supporters all over the 
world who wish they could come to hearings and be more active in the 
local campaign for his release. Here's an opportunity! *Take a photo of 
yourself holding a sign that says "I support Tarek" and the city and 
country in which you live.* We understand that many people might not 
want their faces in the picture; that's fine, simply hold the sign over 
your face!

If you can snap the picture near a well-known landmark of your city, 
even better! We will compile these pictures on our website to display 
just how diverse and wide-spread the support for Dr. Mehanna is.

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