[act-ma] WED 7PM: "Austerity, Debt, and Budget Cuts: Is Capitalism Beyond Repair?"

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Mon Jul 25 21:31:19 PDT 2011

Austerity, Debt, and Budget Cuts: Is Capitalism Beyond Repair?
International Socialist Organization Public Forum
First Floor Conference Room, Cambridge YMCA (Ask for the Socialists!)
820 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA (Red Line - Central)

Two years after the financial meltdown of 2008 and the election of the
first Black president was hailed as an era of reviving the New Deal,
millions of people are still unemployed, federal and state budgets
have been slashed, and attacks on public sector unions, health care
and education in every state have been led by Democrats and Republican
alike. Media reports and Washington are warning of a possible repeat
of the 2008 market crash if the national debt ceiling isn’t raised by
August 2nd, in exchange for $4 trillion cuts for the next 10 years in
spending for Medicare, Social Security and any remaining shred of a
social safety net in the United States. In Europe, European leaders
have rushed to push through another bailout package for Greece, to
prevent a default, in exchange for punishing the Greek people with
more budget cuts, even while there is general consensus that Greece
will never be able to pay off its debt. The mass protests and
resistance of the Greek people over the past month have been
inspiring, as they’ve taken over Syntagma Square in Athens, refusing
to pay for the crisis that the capitalists have caused. Join us for a
discussion this Wednesday, about building an alternative to the age of
endless austerity!

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization (Cambridge). For
more info visit http://cambridgeiso.wordpress.com/.

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