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UJP Afghanistan/Pakistan: Afghanistan War Weekly - August 1, 2011


This week there was an even higher level of violence in both Afghanistan and
Pakistan. US officials had varying theories as to the implications of these high
levels of violence, including the idea that tactics used by the Taliban recently
were a sign of US and NATO successes in the region. However, civilian casualties
and suffering in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been significant problems. 

Violence in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Mayor Assassinated

The mayor of Kandahar was killed in a suicide bomb assassination attack on

NATO airstrike kills four Afghan police officers

In Nuristan province, a NATO airstrike killed at least 4 police officers and
wounded 12. NATO claimed the attack was the result of bad intelligence and is
conducting an investigation.

Insurgent attacks in southern Afghanistan kill 21

At least 21 people were killed by 7 suicide attackers in coordinated attacks
north of Kandahar, including a car bomb attack on a maternity hospital that
killed 3 women and 10 children. 

Coalition holds line on Taliban attacks, data show

According to the NATO command in Kabul, the Taliban’s switch from direct
attacks on NATO troops to terrorist attacks and assassinations is a sign of
progress resulting from the troop surge that began this past winter. 

Roadside bombs kill 17 in south Afghanistan: officials

17 civilians were killed by roadside mines in Helmand province, in 2 separate
explosions involving a bus and a tractor. 16 of those killed were bus
passengers, including women and children. The tractor driver was also killed and
4 others were injured in the same incident. Security forces responding to the
blasts were then attacked by Taliban insurgents.

Taliban Reportedly Smothers 8-Year-Old Boy in Afghanistan

The 8-year-old son of an Afghan police officer was found dead after the Taliban
had threatened his father. 

BBC seeks inquiry into Afghan reporter's death

Journalist Omed Khpalwak, who worked for the BBC and Afghan news agency Pajhwok,
was killed in a suicide bomb attack/gun battle in Uruzgan. The BBC is demanding
a NATO investigation into his death.

British helicopter gunship injures five children in Afghanistan 


5 Afghan children working in a field were injured by a British Apache helicopter
which was intended to attack suspected insurgents nearby. None of the children
are believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries, but all are being
treated at the hospital in Camp Bastion.

Afghan security forces say foiled Kabul airport plot

An attack on Kabul International Airport has been foiled by Afghan security

12 Police, Child Killed in Southern Afghanistan Suicide Blast

12 police officers and 1 child have been killed in a suicide attack outside
Lashkar Gah, one of the regions where Afghan forces have recently taken over
security operations from foreign troops. Dozens of civilians were also wounded.

10 Afghan guards killed in coalition convoy attack

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack that killed 10 Afghan
guards guarding a convoy in Ghazni.

Afghanistan News 

Top Afghan official held as Taliban spy 

The Afghan Intelligence Service announced that a senior Defense Ministry
official has been arrested. The official is believed to have leaked information
that helped the Taliban stage suicide attacks in Kabul. 

Bit By Bit, Afghanistan Rebuilds Buddhist Statues

The giant Buddhas that were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001 are slowly being
rebuilt by teams of archaeologists and sculptors in Bamiyan.

Afghanistan Disputes US Report on Aid Money

A recent US report alleges that the Afghan government is mismanaging US aid
money, but Afghanistan’s finance ministry disputes the report.

The writing on Kabul's walls

Afghan graffiti artists express their political opinions on the walls of
Kabul’s buildings.

Jailed Afghan kids need health, study help: Official

Youths in juvenile rehabilitation centers in Afghanistan lack adequate
education, health care, food, and other necessities. Many children in
Afghanistan resort to crime due to desperate conditions, and there is a lack of
coordination between NGOs working with Afghan children.

Taliban declares open season on politicians

An interview with Fawzia Koofi, Member of Parliament, on the risks facing Afghan

Pakistan News

US drone strike kills four militants in NW Pakistan

4 militants were killed in a US drone strike in South Waziristan.

Militants set 10 NATO tankers on fire in Pakistan

Militants torched 10 NATO oil tankers en route from Karachi to Peshawar,
injuring 5 people, including 3 of the drivers. 

Up to 100,000 flee Pakistan border offensive

Thousands of families fled Kurram district near the Afghan border after the
start of a Pakistani offensive against militants who have training camps in the

Other News 

Mullen focuses on Afghanistan-Pakistan border havens

Adm. Mike Mullen has said that the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region is one of
the most dangerous in the world, and is the “epicenter” of terrorism. He
also believes that Pakistan needs to take more action against certain insurgent
and terrorist groups in that region, in order to maintain the US’ relations
with Pakistan.

British troops 'could spend year in Afghanistan'

The length of the tours for some of Britain’s military units serving in
Afghanistan could increase to 12 months.

Talks on long-term Afghan-U.S. partnership stalled

The negotiations on what the US-Afghanistan relationship will look like after
2014 have hit an impasse, due to conflicting demands and interests.

Getting Bin Laden

A very detailed account of what happened during the covert mission and attack
that killed Osama bin Laden. 

At cross-purposes: Establishment to redesign war on terror policy

Budget concerns are affecting the way the US might fight the “war on

Bulgaria Mulls Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan

Bulgaria is considering withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan. Bulgarian
troops are mainly involved in non-combat operations and are not involved in
transferring security to Afghan forces. The withdrawal would be carried out in

Pak, US, Afghan tripartite talks on August 2 

The US, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are scheduled to hold talks in Islamabad on
August 2. 

Opinion & Commentary

Censorship of war casualties in the US 

The lack of media coverage of the casualties of war is one of the main factors
behind US apathy and even support for the US-led wars in Iraq, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. Commentary by Ted Rall.

China and the Afghan endgame

China’s relationship to the war in Afghanistan is tied to US-Chinese
relations, as well as to China’s investment in Afghanistan’s natural
resources. Commentary by Zhu Feng.

Editorial: Contractors in Afghanistan, Iraq wasting money

Even if US and NATO troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the use of military
contractors is highly problematic and wasteful.

The costly errors of America's wars

The US has made a mistake in using heavy military force to fight the “war on
terror,” because these methods are highly ineffective against terrorists,
especially compared to intelligence and diplomacy. This commentary by Michael
Shank argues that the military-industrial complex and war profiteering are
largely to blame for the US dependence on militarism to fight terrorism. 

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