[act-ma] Boston Rally to Make Fox History, TOMORROW (8/4), 12 noon

Jason Pramas jpramas at igc.org
Wed Aug 3 13:44:07 PDT 2011

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To all Boston area progressives,

I'm writing to invite you to the first public action of the new Boston 
Media Reform Network - the Boston Rally to Make Fox History - tomorrow, 
August 4th, in front of the Mass. State House at 12 noon.

It's a simple action, we're planning to have a few speakers talk until 
about 12:45, then picket the nearby Fox 25 branch studio for a while.

Our overall goal is to start pushing for Congressional hearings on the 
accelerating News Corp. (the parent company of Fox) scandal in the UK - 
where the media conglomerate has started admitting to criminal behavior 
like illegally hacking into the cell phones of thousands of public 
figures and private citizens, and a number of its top executives have 
been arrested. Since that scandal is now spreading to the US, and News 
Corp. is already under investigation by the Department of Justice and 
the FBI, we think it's important to demand action from Congress that 
could lead to the end of News Corp. ... with sufficient public pressure, 
of course.

But we're also holding the rally to discuss some of the many ways that 
News Corp.'s many media properties - especially Fox News - have been run 
as a open propaganda operations for the hard right-wing, and used their 
power and influence to viciously attack grassroots movements for 
democracy, social justice and human rights. Thus distorting our 
democratic process itself.

Please check out our Facebook event page for more details, and - if you 
like what you see - invite your Facebook friends to attend

Here's the link

If you're part of any kind of progressive organization or community 
group or union, be sure to try to turn out fellow members and staff to 
the rally, too.

Another great thing you can do is to tweet the Facebook event to all 
your Twitter followers - and be sure to put the #bmrn and 
#makefoxhistory hashtags somewhere in your tweet; so we can track it ...

Here's a sample Twitter message

Join us at the Boston Media Reform Network's 8/4 Rally to Make Fox 
History! FB event page http://is.gd/TYcyAK #bmrn #makefoxhistory

And if you'd like to get active in our network, please be sure to join 
our announce-only email list.


The campaign against News Corp. is only one of the many projects we're 
working on. If you've got problems with the way cable access is under 
threat, or the digital divide, or the power of the telecoms, or the way 
broadcast licenses are handed out to major corporations, or the 
possibility that PBS, NPR and Pacifica could be defunded, or the general 
lack of diverse and democratic media in the United States - or you'd 
just really like to see some legal Low Power FM stations in this area - 
then we're probably working on it already. Join us.

And make it up to the rally tomorrow. It'll be fast and fun and totally 
worth doing.


Jason Pramas
Boston Media Reform Network
Open Media Boston

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