[act-ma] EMERGENCY LOCATION & TIME CHANGE - Cynthia McKinney in BOSTON today - Report Back from Libya

John Harris john.r.harris at verizon.net
Sat Aug 6 07:09:38 PDT 2011

The venue for Cynthia McKinney's talk has been changed to the other St.
Katharine Drexel Church at 517 Blue Hill Avenue in Grove Hall (on the
Roxbury/Dorchester border).  The event will now start at 5PM today. More
info about the tour below.
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Subject: EMERGENCY LOCATION & TIME CHANGE Cynthia McKinney Tour in
BOSTON to Expose U.S. Terror Campaign in Libya

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(In Grove Hall - at Schuyler St between Warren St and Seaver St on Blue
Hill Avenue)
(from Ruggles or Dudley take bus #22, #23 or #28 -- from Jackson Square,
take bus #22)
Ample parking

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National 19-City Tour Makes Its Way to BOSTON!
Eyewitness Report on U.S./NATO Bombing & Terror
Meeting in Riverside Church in New York Last Week A Great Success -
Pictures Below!

Hear and Meet the Courageous Cynthia McKinney 
on U.S./NATO War on Africa & People of Libya

Where: St Katherine Drexell Church - 175 Ruggles St, 517 Blue Hill Ave,
Roxbury, MA
When: Saturday August 6th at 4 5 pm
Contact: IAC - 617-522-6626  
Cynthia McKinney recently returned from leading a delegation to Libya in
opposition to the U.S. criminal destruction of Libya. This is part of a
national tour including the co-founder of the International Action
Center and tour coordinator Sara Flounders. The tour now includes 19
cities -- see listing and report below.

In addition to the International Action Center, cosponsors of the tour
in Boston include Fanmi Lavalas Boston; Boston United National Antiwar
Committee;  Minister Don Mohammad, Temple 11, Nation of Islam*; Veterans
for Peace, Chapter 9, Smedley Butler Brigade; Chelsea Uniting Against
the War, Bishop Filipe Teixeira, OFSJC, Diocese of St. Francis of
Assisi, CCA;  Women's Fightback Network; SistaCipher; Politicin' with
the Sistas; Steve Gillis, VP, Boston School Bus Union*; Ed Childs, Chief
Shop Steward, UNITE-HERE local 26*; ANSWER Boston, N'Cobra
(Reparations); and more.
Riverside Church Event in New York Last Week: 
Cynthia McKinney Picture
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