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UJP Afghanistan/Pakistan: Afghanistan War Weekly - August 22, 2011


Levels of violence in Afghanistan remained high this week. Also of note is the
possibility that US troops and air power might remain in Afghanistan past 2024.

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024
Despite the drawdown and the announced 2014 deadline for handing over control of
Afghanistan’s security to the Afghan government, US military trainers, special
forces soldiers, and air power might remain in the region until 2024. 

The Unwinnable Afghan War: Get Out Now to Save America 
Given the US’ fiscal crisis, it is important to reconsider US military/defense
funding. Commentary by Patrick Smith.

U.S. Says Drone, Cargo Plane Collide Over Afghanistan 
An unmanned drone and an Air Force cargo plane have collided over Afghanistan.
The cargo plane made an emergency landing in eastern Afghanistan. The crew of
the cargo plane was not harmed. 

Commission to change outcome of 9 Afghan elections
Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission announced that 9 members of
Parliament would be restored to office following evidence of electoral

Afghan Villagers Stone a Taliban Commander to Death
After a 60-year-old man was killed by the Taliban for allegedly aiding the
government, villagers stoned a Taliban commander to death in Helmand province. 

Afghan leader orders more security to try to revive key construction projects
hit by attacks
Hamid Karzai has ordered increased security to protect people working on
construction projects in Afghanistan which have been stalled by violence. 

Afghanistan bus accident kills 35
35 people have been killed and 24 have been injured in a bus accident on the
road between Kandahar and Kabul. The crash is being blamed on reckless driving.

Afghanistan: Bombing Kills 8
A motorcycle bomb killed 8 people at a market in Oruzgan province in southern
Afghanistan and injured dozens more.

Police official says rocket that struck Afghan president’s compound caused no
A rocket was fired into Kabul and hit the presidential compound, but there were
no reports of damage or of casualties.

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