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Hi fellow activists and organizers,

I'm going to be sending two emails today - because this information is too
important to chance you overlooking it.

I'm forwarding you an invitation to what I think is a very important
development on the grassroots landscape. Over the last several months, a
group of grassroots organizers have been working on a new, statewide
organization. ** On Sunday, October 2, *Progressive Massachusetts* is
hosting their first organizing meeting and you're invited to attend. **

Progressive Mass.'s goal is to make sure good organizing is *unified *and *
sustained*, so that local efforts don't happen in isolation, and that
inspiring statewide efforts don't fade away when the issue or election
campaign is over. They plan to build on the tremendous strengths of our
vibrant activist community and work together to make a strong progressive
infrastructure in Massachusetts.
*While I was not one of the founding organizers, I'm hopeful that we'll have
a strong Socializing for Justice presence at the kick-off on Sunday, October
2nd. I know that SoJust's 1800 member cross-issue progressive network will
support and be strengthened by a statewide organization like Progressive
Mass. *Please let me know if you plan to attend.*  See the message below for
more info about the group and the event.

For Justice,

Robbie Samuels
SoJust Co-Founder & Co-Organizer
robbie at sojust.org


Progressive Massachusetts Kick-OffSunday, October 2, 2011
2-6 PM with Reception following

[image: image]

   - Frustrated that progressive state legislation - like universal health
   care, fair taxation, and the bottle bill - never sees the light of day?
   - Outraged that Scott Brown represents Massachusetts in the US Senate and
   want to help replace him with a strong progressive voice?
   - Despairing that your individual efforts, or even the efforts of your
   local activist group, don’t carry enough clout to have a statewide impact?
   - *Want to be part of a unified, statewide, grassroots movement that can
   make Massachusetts a model of progressive policy?*

....Then *come to the first organizational meeting of Progressive

*When: Sunday, October 2nd, 2 to 6 pm, followed by a reception*

*Where: Lasell College, Newton, MA*

*(near Mass Pike,  Rt. 128, and 8 min. walk from the Green Line)*


*Progressive Mass.* is a new, statewide, diverse organization built from the
ground up by organizers and activists like you.

*As we launch on October 2,* we will: take positions on public policies
through a democratic process; organize members to directly contact elected
officials to support these policies; and help elect and support progressive
candidates for public office.

*We believe that to create meaningful changes in public policy, progressives
in every corner of the state must work together to hold elected officials
accountable to progressive values and  to elect progressive
candidates.*  Progressive
Mass. will make that vision a reality with effective, statewide organizing.
 We are open to anyone in Massachusetts who wants to see their progressive
values turned into action, and will work closely with existing progressive
organizations to ensure the success of our efforts.

Whether you are a Democratic activist, a member of a labor union or
grassroots organization, a lone progressive in your community, or a talented
volunteer campaigner for progressive candidates, Progressive Mass. is
looking to use your insights, talents, opinions, hard work, anger,
frustration, hope, idealism, and determination to make Massachusetts stand
up for the kind of progressive policies that can make us proud to be
Massachusetts residents.



   - To reserve your place at the meeting/*RSVP*, *register via
   * (you can use the buttons above and below, too)
   - Also, make sure you are in the loop--*subscribe to our mailing
list! <http://eventbrite.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=510b2bf7c8&e=10d2996e37>
   - Help us build/spread the word: *FORWARD this
   * to any progressive friends whom you think might be hungering for an
   organization like this!
   - Find us on
    and *Twitter*<http://eventbrite.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=0daecf7ceb&e=10d2996e37>

*Questions? *please contact
*progressive.mass at gmail.com*<progressive.mass at gmail.com?subject=QUESTION%3A%20re%20ProgMA%2FOct%202&body=%0A%0A--%0A>

*[image: REGISTER]*<http://eventbrite.us2.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=7118b62bdf&e=10d2996e37>

*[image: SUBSCRIBE]*<http://eventbrite.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=0888bcefd3&e=10d2996e37>

*[image: FORWARD]*<http://us2.forward-to-friend.com/forward?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=0a61e41952&e=10d2996e37>

*Who We Are*: we are a group of progressive activists who have been meeting
informally for several months with a diverse and growing group of  comunity
organizers and leaders from across the state, which has included Sarah
Compton, Tony Mack, Harmony Wu, Mac D'Alessandro, Monica Hinojos, David
Sloane, Margot Barnet, Reuben Kantor, Gloribell Mota, John Bowes, Michael
Jacoby-Brown, Peter Smulowitz, Cheryl Crawford, John Kleschinsky, Brigid
Kennedy-Pfister and several others.  If you want to help us make Oct 2. a
success by joining the efforts of the planning committee or helping at the
event itself, *please let us
know*<progressive.mass at gmail.com?subject=Help%20with%20the%20Planning%20Committee%20for%20Oct%202&body=%0A>


*THE BLUE MASS GROUP*<http://eventbrite.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=52f892f562&e=10d2996e37>

*Attend Event<http://eventbrite.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=55920fcb187e70004230f7a43&id=dc2ae1c2b6&e=10d2996e37>
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