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  Occupy Boston: smart, savvy, and aiming to emulate Wall Street protests

About 200 people in Boston express their outrage at America's economic 
woes -- and promise to take up the protest baton

There were socialists, anti-poverty campaigners, students, anarchists,
computer hackers, the unemployed, and workers ranging from a
vet to an accountant.

And, numbering around 200 and meeting to plot until late in the night, a 
group of Bostonians have decided to recreate the anti-Wall Street 
protests that are gripping New York.

Unlike previous attempts, such as a march that fizzled out in Chicago 
with just 20 people, the people behind Occupy Boston showed a strong 
dose of media savvy and organisational skill on Monday night, as they 
drew a committed crowd of volunteers to their cause: to occupy a slice 
of the city. Local TV crews were in attendance at the evening mass 
planning meeting, and it had been flagged on the front pages of Boston's 

The move raises the first serious prospect of the Wall Street protests 
spreading beyond New York and comes as other events are also being 
planned in Los Angeles and Washington.

full piece, videos: 

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