[act-ma] Occupy Boston enters Day 4!

Brian K bdubkwob at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 03:40:15 PDT 2011

Hey folks,

We have been blessed with better (slightly), though it is still a bit chilly
to be camping in Dewy square.

Yesterday was a wonderful and beautiful extension of all that we have
accomplished in the past 3 days (feels like 3 WEEKS!).

We re-organized the camp a bit, moving the tactical, medical, food, and
welcoming tents closer together. We built a new tent for the outreach team
which is dividing into multiple sub-teams (unions, campuses, community orgs,
and neighborhood outreach).

We acquired a PA system for the General Assembly meetings, which happen
nightly at 7pm. (Please COME and see one!)

Yesterday, we sent a team to Dudley Station to do outreach to Black and
Brown folks and the response was amazing. People were very interested to
take our flyers, quarter cards, and information about the revolutionary
process unfolding in Dewey Square. We talked about the tent city that has
been built there, the free food, the energy, the nation-wide scope of things
(Occupy Chicago, Occupy LA, Occupy NYC, etc.) and the disgusting wealth and
corruption of the top 1%. We are the 99%! It was as though there was
something electric "in the air" and as soon as we helped people tap into it,
they really got charged too.

We have gotten mixed coverage in the Herald, and the tent camp has now grown
to encompass almost the entire square.

Here's a brilliant video with a sampling of voices from Occupy Boston:

Please COME AND SEE what is going on. It is simply indescribable. You really
have to see it for yourself.

General Assembly begins tonight at 7pm. (Feel free to come earlier if you
See you in the Square!

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