[act-ma] #OccupyBoston, OMB Goes Daily - and More - at Open Media Boston (week of 10/3/11)

Jason Pramas jason at openmediaboston.org
Wed Oct 5 12:56:34 PDT 2011

Hi folks! Check out our biggest-ever edition of Open Media Boston! As 
you'll read in our editorial, we've massively amped up our operation to 
put out roughly 4 times our normal weekly output - doubling our staff 
and audience in the process. Why? Because the new #OccupyBoston movement 
- part of the fast-growing #OccupyWallStreet movement - has exploded out 
of the gate and offers the best hope for a progressive revival in this 
country that we've seen in a long time. If you haven't made it down to 
the OB Dewey Square encampment, by all means do. More than likely you'll 
see one of our new OMB Special Events Unit reporters on the scene, bring 
you the latest news on #OccupyBoston actions. We're still covering our 
normal beats too; so keep sending those press releases, and - as ever - 
we always encourage folks to send in op-ed on issues they're passionate 
about. More to come. Enjoy!

News: Wrapup: #OccupyBoston Encampment Day 3, Evening General Assembly 

News: Wrapup: Dewey Site Firmly Grounded on Day 2 of #OccupyBoston 

News: VIDEO: Quick Cuts from Fourth #OccupyBoston General Assembly, 
First Night of Dewey Square Occupation

News: Wrapup: Fourth #OccupyBoston General Assembly, First Night of 
Dewey Square Encampment Draws Over 1000

News: 1000+ Activists March on Bank of America in Protest of Predatory 
Lending Practices; 24 Arrested

News: VIDEO: Noam Chomsky Statement in Support of the #OccupyBoston Movement

News: Wrapup: Third #OccupyBoston General Assembly

News: "No Truth" to Activist Rumor of Shutdown Tomorrow at B of A's 100 
Federal St. Building

News: With Consensus Decision Making Process And Inspirational Words 
Activists Launch #OccupyBoston

News: Wrapup: Second #OccupyBoston General Assembly

News: Wrapup: First #OccupyBoston General Assembly

Editorial: OMB Goes Daily, We Need Your Support to Keep Covering the 
Popular Movement for Social Justice

Arts: PHOTOS: 6th Annual HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands

Featured Visual by Jason Pramas

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Jason Pramas
Open Media Boston

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