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Bringing people together again to talk . . .

Fall 2011 Program Season

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October 2011


October is the richest month.  Not only do we revel in the reds and golds of fall
foliage, but we also bask in the retained heat of the summer sun and enjoy the autumn
harvest.  Cambridge Forum's schedule is rich as well.  Anita Hill talks about making
a home in America.  Joel Brenner looks at the threat of cyber-warfare.  Wendell 
Berry and Bill McKibben engage in a conversation about civil disobedience.  And 
Sean Wilentz discusses  the quintessential American icon--Bob Dylan.
I hope you will join us to participate in these enriching dialogues, exploring the
values and ideas at the heart of the American experience today.

Pat  Suhrcke, Director

Cambridge Forum

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Reimagining Equality:

Stories of Gender, Race, and Finding Home


October 4 @ 8pm

Anita Hill reflects on her own experience as an African  American woman in the late
20th century as she explores African American efforts to make a home in America.
  How successful have the  movements for racial and gender equality been in eliminating
barriers to  opportunity?   How has the current subprime mortgage crisis affected
opportunities for people of color? What  challenges lie ahead?

America the 	Vulnerable


October 19 @ 7pm

Former National Security Agency insider Joel Brenner explores the chilling future
of espionage and warfare in the digital  matrix that bounds our world.  The threats,
he argues, are more serious  than acts of identity theft and Wikileaks that we are
familiar with.  Do  the laws and protocols that govern "real" world crime apply 
to digital  crime as well?  How can this new world "disorder" be regulated?

Writing and Civil Disobedience

October 20 @ 7pm

Poet and environmentalist Wendell Berry is joined by journalistBill McKibben in 
a conversation about writing and civil disobedience.  Both men  follow in the footsteps
of Henry David Thoreau, using the power of the  word and acts of civil disobedience
to defend fragile ecosystems and  preserve threatened communities from degradation.
PEN-New England honors  Wendell Berry with its Howard Zinn "People Speak" Award 
and presents  the Vasyl Stus "Freedom to Write" award.

Co-sponsored by PEN-New England

Bob Dylan in America
October 27 @ 7pm
Princeton historian and cultural commentator Sean Wilentz explores the place that
legendary artist Bob Dylan holds in America.   How is he the product of his time
 and place?  What are the roots of his  continuing influence?

Mark Your Calendar
Columbus: The Four Voyages

November 2 @ 7pm

Author Laurence Bergreen re-examines one of America's founding stories in his new
book Columbus:  The Four Voyages. As Bergreen re-traces Christopher Columbus' historic
voyages in the context of the Age of Discovery, he asks why Columbus has become 
an American icon.

Lawrence Lessig on the Citizens United Decision

Last fall Lessig, a Harvard Law Professor, spoke of the impact of the Citizen's 
United Supreme Court decision on our representative democracy.  Now he's spearheading
a movement for a Constitutional Convention.

Revisit his talk on the Forum Network:

Forum Network Lawrence Lessig "Change Congress" [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1107942999705&s=217&e=0018uJIwQs8MIChBUZjtMdET5TkUnfae0mNCHc6OPfug7TdY0tVfBQILawcihaLs5ud7yH4dDyHugsYAOcDmONKNLGhlWHBYHyzjp5p64DBI92Spm6N-TtYn_BNNQ_woxHV1BKzIw-14Z9XHFuZRQZqSgdD3WJUu7-QTCvk27VLA2Q=]

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 to us by e-mail and the moderator will ask it on your behalf.

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