[act-ma] Nov 12-13, Harvard University, "New England Marxism Conference!"

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November 12-13 at Harvard University


Capitalism is not working. Socialism is the alternative—a world organized for human need, not profit greed, 
where resources are controlled by and for the vast majority, instead of 
by a tiny rich minority. 

Millions of people are fighting back against the ills that this broken capitalist system has created. From Egypt to Wisconsin to Athens to Boston---people are standing up and fighting back. People are taking to the streets, occupying public squares and capital buildings and 
saying enough to the attack on ordinary working class people. 

provides a revolutionary understanding of society and provides the 
strategy for ridding society of exploitation and oppression once and for all. This conference will give activists a chance to discuss the 
burning questions that are arising during this current rise in struggle. People from around New England will have the opportunity to have core 
political discussions on Marxism, the importance of the working class 
and that not only is revolution needed, but that is very much possible.

If you 
fought against the criminal injustice system to save the life of Troy 
Davis, if you are energized and excited about the Occupy movement and 
the struggles from around the world or just sick and tired of this 
unjust society, a society with rampant unemployment, poverty, war, 
opression, exploitation, and environomental destruction--then this 
conference is for you! 

New England Marxism Conference

November 12-13, 2011

Harvard University
The Science Center
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Workshops and plenaries include:
	* Black liberation and socialism
	* Can there be a revolution in the US?
	* Can the working class liberate the oppressed?
	* The changing working class
	* History of the black freedom struggle
	* How to build a branch of the ISO
	* The Minneapolis Teamsters' strike of 1934
	* No power greater: why the working class can change the world
	* Theories of women's oppression
	* The origins of racism
	* The united front: socialists and movements
	* What is the real Marxist tradition?
	* Why Marx was right
	* Why we need a revolutionary party
Registration: $5-$20 sliding scale, $5 low income
See Boston Socialism and nemarxismconference.org (New England Marxism Conference on Facebook) for more details, or call 617-651-0762.

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization and Socialist Worker.
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