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All right folks, it’s on.  We’re occupying Harvard.  ****

Here’s the general thinking.  Students, professors, and workers will *descend
on Harvard Yard in front of the John Harvard statue at 7:00pm this
Wednesday (Nov. 9).*  We'll be rallying and then general-assembly, to say
"We want a university for the 99%, not a corporation for the 1%" (and
variations on the corporatization of higher education).  Professors will
critique Harvard-propagated economic models that brought us the great
recession.  Students will expose Harvard’s profiteering from land grabs in
Tanzania.  Custodians will decry the fact that Harvard pays them a mere $1
for every $180 paid to the execs of the Harvard Management Corporation.
Etc. etc.  And the media will be there to capture it all.  I hope to see
you there as well.  ****

After the assembly, a solid contingent of us will stake it out overnight in
a tent-filled occupation of Harvard Yard.  You don't need to commit to the
occupation to come to the rally.  That said, we'll need plentiful bodies
and tents to make this thing a success, and if you're willing to lend your
body and/or tent, it'd be a pleasure to spend the night with you.  *Also,
please let us know whether you're able to bring a tent/sleeping
bag*(whether you are sleeping out or not, we need tents and sleeping
bags for
folks who don’t have them!)  ****

*Beyond coming yourself, we could use your help in recruiting the masses to
come out on Wednesday*.  We could also use particular recruitment for
groups of people: a) sympathetic professors who might want to come on
Wednesday and share some words (like 5 minutes worth), b) sympathetic
student leaders at Harvard who aren't on this list and who could recruit
within their own circles, c) sympathetic students at other area schools who
could pull from their campuses and share our frustration with the direction
of higher education d) community members, faith leaders, and others who
want to join this protest movement.  ****

Finally, the action that begins on Wednesday night launches our solidarity
with the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Boston and hopefully begins a series of
campaigns and direct action to fight back against corporatization of higher
education.  At the event we will spend some time discussing next steps.  ***

As many of you know, 10 years ago this year, students at Harvard Occupied
the President’s Office for over three weeks to demand a living wage for
Harvard workers.  10 years later we are standing up again to not only
protect those gains for Harvard workers but to fight back against the
corporate greed that is plaguing our economy, our democracy, and our
universities.  ****

Hope to see everyone there and please help with recruitment!  ****



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