[act-ma] NYPD CLEARS OWS from Liberty Plaza -- Solidarity Action Needed!

Brian K bdubkwob at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 05:16:01 PST 2011

Brothers and Sisters,

Occupy Wall St. was VICIOUSLY attacked and Liberty Plaza was CLEARED by a
police raid earlier this morning. Take a look at the pictures here:


Here is some of the blow-by-blow:

   - *3:36 a.m.* Kitchen tent reported teargassed. Police moving in with
   zip cuffs.
   - *3:33 a.m.* Bulldozers moving in
   - *3:16 a.m.* Occupiers linking arms around riot police
   - *3:15 a.m.* NYPD destroying personal items. Occupiers prevented from
   leaving with their possessions.
   - *3:13 a.m.* NYPD deploying sound cannon <http://i.imgur.com/VI488.jpg>
   - *3:08 a.m.* heard on livestream: "they're bringing in the hoses."
   - *3:05 a.m.* NYPD cutting down trees in Liberty Square
   - *2:55 a.m.* NYC council-member Ydanis Rodríguez arrested and bleeding
   from head.
   - *2:44 a.m.* Defiant occupiers barricaded Liberty Square kitchen
   - *2:44 a.m.* NYPD destroys OWS Library. 5,000 donated books in dumpster.
   - *2:42 a.m.* Brooklyn Bridge confirmed closed
   - *2:38 a.m.* 400-500 marching north to Foley Square
   - *2:32 a.m.* All subways but R shut down

Standby for SOLIDARITY protest actions today. Please also come to GENERAL
ASSEMBLY in Boston, where we will undoubtedly be discussing this major

Please also SHARE this info (Email, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.):

* http://www.livestream.com/occupynyc
* Call the Mayor's office at 212-639-9675 and the Police Department at
212-334-0611 to protest
* Standby for solidarity actions in Boston
* Come to General Assembly tonight to discuss next steps!
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