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*Education for All in Haiti-In the One Language Spoken by All*
For most Haitian students, learning in Kreyol, as opposed to the 
traditional method of learning in French, is the only way to receive a 
meaningful education.
A presentation by : Michel DeGraff
/Michel DeGraff, who was born and raised in Haiti, is associate 
professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. /

*Fundraising Event: To support*
*the teacher training and education program*
* of the Lekòl Vizyon Modèn in Laplaine*
*Date: Saturday November 19, 2011*
*Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm*
*Harvard Epworth*
*United Methodist Church*
* 1555 Mass. Ave, Cambridge*
*Suggested Donation: $20.00*
*Contact Info: *
*Mel King: 617-578-0597*

A Haitian Dance troupe from Cambridge Rindge and Latin will also perform 
at the beginning of this Fundraising Event for the teacher training and 
education program of LekÒl Vizyon Modèn, GEP Foundation's lab- school in 
La Plaine, Haiti
Contact Info: Mel King, 617-578-0597 mhking at mit.edu <mailto:mhking at mit.edu>
Ben Griesinger 718-314-0440, bengrieisnger at gmail.com 
<mailto:bengrieisnger at gmail.com>
When Michel DeGraff was a young boy in Haiti, his older brother brought 
home a notice from school reminding students and parents of certain 
classroom rules. At the top of the list was "no weapons." And right 
below it, DeGraff still remembers: "No Creole." Students were supposed 
to use French, and French only.  Creole is the only language spoken and 
understood by all Haitians, and the majority speak Creole only. To this 
date, Haiti is a state of "linguistic apartheid.'' Haitians who speak 
only Creole are often treated as second-class citizens.  [They can't 
access official records such as deeds, medical records, permits, or 
participate in parliamentary debate, court proceedings, or NGO fund 
distribution meetings].  "Haiti will never be able to rise to its 
potential if you have 90 percent of Haitians who cannot be instructed 
properly," DeGraff said. "Once you open up that reservoir, what can 
happen? So many things can happenS(.Imagine how many well-prepared minds 
you would have to try to solve the country's problems.
Text above taken from the following two articles in the Boston Globe:

*If you cannot attend**,*Gep will appreciate any donation you can make. 
Please send checks made out to the Gep Foundation (care of Board 
President Marion Gillon) to 92 Devir Street, #110, Malden, MA 02148.

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