[act-ma] Fri 11/25: Fur-Free Friday in Boston!

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<http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=syDfixwlJJkqO1bM2lxWPQ> We all agree that 
it's cruel to cage, trap, beat, drown, and electrocute animals for the 
sake of vanity, right? I'm not going to sit here and type up all the 
gory details <http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=0t86q1Siu5Q0JKUmHyzvCg>, 
because you already know that animals need your help—that's why you're 
reading this e-mail!

I'm writing because members of your community are organizing as part of 
a global day of action called "Fur-Free Friday," and *you're invited to 
participate*. Let's make this the start of something ongoing rather than 
a single day of protest. What do you think?

*Here are the details:*

*What:* Fur-Free Friday rally
*When:* Friday, November 25, 12 p.m.-1 p.m.
*Where:* Donna Karan, 37 Newbury St., Boston (see this map 

*RSVP on Facebook! <http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=Fy3mQscNe461qTeAm28FKg>*

This is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, so it's a great 
time to reach consumers but probably not a great time to find 
parking—plan ahead! If you have any questions or would like free 
leaflets and stickers sent to you to hand out during the holiday season, 
please e-mail me at MichelleCarr at peta.org 
<mailto:MichelleCarr at peta.org>. After Fur-Free Friday, we'll send you an 
update on the global day of action and tell you about even more ways to 
help animals slated to be killed for their skins.


Michelle Carr
Action Team Coordinator
MichelleCarr at peta.org <mailto:MichelleCarr at peta.org>
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

P.S. Going out of town during that time? Check out the list 
<http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=GILeID0-ZLVBP7Scoek62w> of Fur-Free 
Friday events taking place around the world!

Please do not respond to this e-mail. Instead, click here 
<http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=98cxFzbcLOpZj1TE4w_org> to contact PETA.
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