[act-ma] Wed. 11/30 Info Sessions for Boston-DC: Take Back The Capitol Dec. 5-9

Maria Christina Blanco mcblanco at diezlunas.org
Tue Nov 29 12:28:33 PST 2011

***Take Back the Capitol Information Sessions*

Wednesday, November 30 @ 6:30pm

150 Mt Vernon St. - 2nd Floor
Dorchester, MA

**Please note that there is an alternative meeting location in Downtown 
for those who are closer to this area and for people from Occupy Boston
26 West Street - 2nd Floor Downtown Boston, MA

Refreshments will be provided.
Please call Darrin Howell 617-785-2802 <tel:617-785-2802> with any 

For More info on Take Back The 
Capitol: http://blackstonian.com/news/2011/11/boston-to-dc-take-back-the-capitol-dec-5-9/ 
Click here to sign up and we'll be in touch with more information: 
*http://bit.ly/vX3CP1 <http://bit.ly/vX3CP1>
Secured shared housing with beds and access to showers for all those who 
register.  This means 4 to a room with bunk beds at the 4H hostel, or 4 
to a room in 2 double beds at a motel.  Commute each night and morning 
(in our provided buses)

  Boston-DC: Take Back The Capitol Dec. 5-9

Boston to DC
Boston to DC: Take Back The Capitol Dec. 5-9

Please join thousands of 99%-ers who are coming to Washington, DC 
December 5-9 to "Take Back The Capitol" from Corporate Control.

December is a big month in Washington. Congress is set to deliberate the 
extension of unemployment benefits for more than 2 million people and 
the Super-Committee is discussing devastating cuts that could destroy 
millions of jobs. We can have a real impact!

*Interested? Click here to sign up and we'll be in touch with more 
information: *http://bit.ly/vX3CP1 <http://bit.ly/vX3CP1>

*WHEN: Monday, December 5 @ 8:00am
*WHERE: Bayside Expo Center  150 Mt Vernon St  Dorchester
*Departing Dec 5; Days of Action Dec 6-8; Returning Dec 9
FOR MORE INFORMATION Call (617) 242-2360 <tel:%28617%29%20242-2360>
or visit www.massuniting.org <http://www.massuniting.org/>*


*It's time for the 99% to be a visible, peaceful presence on Capitol 
Hill. *By day we'll show up at Congressional hearings and the offices of 
K Street lobbyists, and by night we'll crash in church auditoriums, 
union halls, and in tents around the Capitol. It's not a luxury trip, 
but meals, housing and transportation will be provided.

Our goal: to remind Congress they represent ALL Americans... not just 
the richest 1%!

I know that time is of the essence. If you can GET THIS OUT TO YOUR 
NETWORKS I know we can have a strong presence in Washington D.C

 >From December 5-9, we're taking our voices straight to the halls of 
power. We need a HUGE group from Boston to show what we're all about. 
Here are some ways that you can help spread the word.

 1. *RSVP to the Facebook Event
    <http://www.facebook.com/events/266574806727172/>*: We created an
    event for Take Back the Capitol
    RSVP to say that you'll be there and INVITE your friends
 2. *Share "Take Back the Capitol" on Facebook
    <http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Faction.massuniting.org%2Fpage%2Fsignup%2Ftbc-sign-up-2>:* Click
    here to post the link to your wall and share it with your friends!
 3. *Share "Take Back the Capitol" on Twitter
    <http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=This+December%2C+I%27m+joining+%40MassUniting+to+Take+Back+the+Capitol.+You+in%3F+Learn+more%3A+http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FtPOE8S>:* Click
    here to post about Take Back the Capitol on Twitter.
    We're using the hashtag #99inDC
 4. *EMAIL your friends
    <http://action.massuniting.org/page/share/tbc-share>:* Spread the
    word! click here to send your friends an email about the event.

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