[act-ma] 01/11: Anti-Foreclosure Hearing, Statehouse Room B1. MAAPL rally.

Joanna Herlihy joanna_herlihy at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 09:33:43 PST 2012

01/11: Anti-Foreclosure Hearing, Statehouse Room B1.
MAAPL:Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending
Justice for Homeowners in Massachusetts! 

Noon: Speak-out for Justice
1:00 pm: Hearing, Room B-1

Joint Committee on the Judiciary will hear testimony on 4 important bills written by those of us fighting Massachusetts Foreclosures!

    * Stop unnecessary evictions: The banks should have to let former home-owners pay rent unless they have a reason to evict.

    * Mandatory mediation before foreclosure: Banks should have to provide someone authorized to negotiate with homeowners.

    * Judicial review: Victims of predatory home loans should have their day in court before foreclosure.

    * Banks should prove ownership before eviction: Give Housing Court power to make banks prove they own the property legally before eviction.

44,100 Massachusetts foreclosures since 2007 = 88,000 households threatened. 

       CAN’T MAKE THE RALLY? CALL Your State Representative & Senator NOW – 617-722-2000 (go to wheredoIvotema.com & put in your address to find out the names of your rep & senator ‘in general court’)

For more information, contact the Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending

MAAPLinfo at yahoo.com           508-630-1686

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