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Bringing people together again to talk . . .

Winter-Spring 2012 Programs Begin

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January 2012


As Cambridge Forum has discussed "How We Live Today," one word has come up over 
and over again in many contexts:  insecurity.  Americans feel insecure about their
futures, about their jobs, their children's schools, their health care, their politicians.
Where does this sense of unease come from?  Globalization is seen as a key factor
driving our loss of optimism  and well-being.  This season programs will take a 
longer look at the phenomenon of globalization -- its economic effects and its diplomatic,
military, and foreign policy ramifications.
Join us for our lively live conversations or catch up with us later on the newly
 revived WGBH Forum Network. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tKWjfgfbwMyyRncXOHuVZvvsBnBkbqjavNgr_YvB8pTiC-gIgq_TGYd3hJnFcLPQmL6IgbDMLC1mMl7L0COBJ9QrTDeiSsaEd5GRpvpAiNEwFJ2FdnDMK82qcUmtjbPRJ4oUNWe0ku4Qg==]

Pat  Suhrcke, Director

Cambridge Forum

Harvard Book Store sponsors book signings after our forums.


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Winter-Spring 2012 Program Schedule

Where Does Democracy Come From?  Popular Uprising and 					Parliamentary Elections
in Egypt

January 22 @ 3pm

Stanford University Middle East specialist Joel Beinin discusses the results of 
the Egyptian elections.

This program is funded in part by Mass Humanities.

Being Alive and Having To Die: Forrest Church


January 25 @ 7pm

Pulitzer Prize finalist Dan Cryer discusses the spiritual odyssey of the Rev. Forrest
Church. Church championed  a religion that respected the mind and fostered tolerance.
In doing so, he often locked horns with the religious right.

The Alzheimer's Prevention Program


February 9 @7pm

UCLA neuroscientist Gary Small reviews the research on preventing Alzheimer's disease
and discusses a variety of ways to keep the brain healthy.

Challenges of Globalization: Global Engagement


February 13 @ 2pm    Keynote @ 7pm

A mini-conference on the impact of global engagement on America's sense of security
hosts speakers on the challenges posed by the European debt crisis, changing relationships
with Israel and Palestine, and the war on terror. Keynote Joesph Nye explores The
Future of Power.

This Program is funded in part by Mass Humanities.

Obama and Iran:  A Single Roll of the Dice


March 14 @ 7pm

Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council,  assesses the high-stakes
diplomatic sparring between Washington and Teheran.

Challenges of Globalization: Economic Globalization


April 16 @ 2pm   Keynote @ 7pm

A mini-conference on economic globalization explores the impact of globalization
 of labor, capital, and markets on American workers, investors, and consumers. Keynote
Dani Rodrik discusses The Globalization Paradox.

This program is funded in part by Mass Humanities.

Creativity and Stress


April 22 @ 7pm

Actors from the Underground Railway Theater conduct a staged reading of a selection
from Tony Kushner's But the Giraffe! followed by a panel discussion of the relationship
between stress and creativity.

This is a ticketed program. $5 (Members) and $10 (General Admission) call 617-495-2727
or visit  www.cambridgeforum.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tJfNOqVS-ri2o5vUGPWQLOWgTTSnTasRt9EG5xBhIlEodicXC3lIbz58rF-KL9-PRux0vALK7dJVWnMZIob2_B9bVguAoHae_BTbZC0I3dqAg==]
to reserve your tickets.

Washington, Longfellow and the Jewish Community at Newport:  A Test 			Case for 


June 13 @ 7pm

Ted Widmer, director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, speaks
the curious career of religious tolerance in American politics.

Mark Your Calendar . . .
The Alzheimer's Prevention Program

February 9 @ 7pm

UCLA neuroscientist Gary Small looks at what Alzheimer's  disease actually is and
reviews the research on preventing its onset.  Small challenges the widely held 
notion that Alzheimer's is not preventable and discusses a variety of ways to keep
the brain healthy -- there's more to it than a crossword puzzle a day!

New Webcasts!

Did you miss Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben last fall?  Here them (and other memorable
Cambridge Forum speakers) now on the WGBH Forum Network!
Wendell Berry/Bill McKibben: [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tK1lsJaGNxr1hqQ0QLJclmhXe3hksYWQjRetQ1IJaFRE_ahIW00Ytzx7Seu7YfbJe3E9rfyLCV8stIequXlSN_aKOTM3ZLKeIQsxKbw0U6tbua_BSvukOHt0EW2toGozubN0wUaPVsbDFBqQAUmamQDZGFp7E5FDQQ=]
 Writing and Civil Disobedience [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tK1lsJaGNxr1hqQ0QLJclmhXe3hksYWQjRetQ1IJaFRE_ahIW00Ytzx7Seu7YfbJe3E9rfyLCV8stIequXlSN_aKOTM3ZLKeIQsxKbw0U6tbua_BSvukOHt0EW2toGozubN0wUaPVsbDFBqQAUmamQDZGFp7E5FDQQ=]

Gregory Maguire: [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tLgWeUZ8JNQDQWYdZBJ5hoWpuhQbI6dnu-W4sIZQR9vyRrpI77iwIouT3imSgvlr3FTpbR7tRDGENJXRQirI3-8FO0h-2qTT1Homuqvkt0dlaO4nvq5B2OxFRDkBUDsuRx4yapWvFNfX-Bn0U3oQt-iauDmp1nAo7GPqz6a6bso7A==]
 Something Wicked This Way Comes [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tLgWeUZ8JNQDQWYdZBJ5hoWpuhQbI6dnu-W4sIZQR9vyRrpI77iwIouT3imSgvlr3FTpbR7tRDGENJXRQirI3-8FO0h-2qTT1Homuqvkt0dlaO4nvq5B2OxFRDkBUDsuRx4yapWvFNfX-Bn0U3oQt-iauDmp1nAo7GPqz6a6bso7A==]

Anita HIll: [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tJgsAmEa_KpO3H3BtyCyhtpX69RVE9ltldRQZ8euOkCfuPchlrl5lanIZvIqnpFqCXagXbvwPwmOCOuGhX8iImUfFxCGFKLVZaSTWLhZMSQ63Yg-vfGInmMrIbH40qamMJGbqGhs4uhiw63JJieyIplfKKt_2205QG_pohcQmIUe8BbrSkEcaP1]
 Reimagining Equality [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=7wih55cab&et=1109083713634&s=217&e=001qmUugtGM0tJgsAmEa_KpO3H3BtyCyhtpX69RVE9ltldRQZ8euOkCfuPchlrl5lanIZvIqnpFqCXagXbvwPwmOCOuGhX8iImUfFxCGFKLVZaSTWLhZMSQ63Yg-vfGInmMrIbH40qamMJGbqGhs4uhiw63JJieyIplfKKt_2205QG_pohcQmIUe8BbrSkEcaP1]

Send us a question.

Can't make it to a forum, but have a burning question for the speaker?   E-mail 
it to us and the moderator will ask it on your behalf.

Joel Beinin [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org]
Dan Cryer [mailto:director at cambridgeforum.org?]

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