[act-ma] [ w/ Video] Feb-March: 8th annual International Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 - in over 40 cities around the world - including at BU in Boston

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    events, at BU

  * Wednesday 29 February 2012:  Native America and Palestine:
    Indigeneity and Settler-Colonialism
  * Tuesday, 2/28: Pinkwashing- Israel's Use of LGBTQ Rights to
    Perpetuate Apartheid"
  * Thursday, 3/1: "Jewish and Palestinian Experiences with Israeli

The 8th annual /International Israeli Apartheid Week 2012/ is scheduled 
to be held in over 40 cities around the world between February-March 
2012. As part of the coming event, *Boycott, Disvestment and Sanctions 
(BDS) <http://www.bdsmovement.net/>* has launched a new video, entitled 
‘/Israeli Apartheid Week: Call it as it is’/.   [ 1 1/2 min]

Watch the video at 

     > Find a city near you <http://apartheidweek.org/>

“/Palestinians and the defenders of their rights around the world are 
being effectively muzzled when they are told their legitimate concerns 
are defamation, and even hate speech. It is a bullying tactic used to 
avoid dealing with a serious moral issue/,” Tyler Levitan, /Independent 
Jewish Voices/, Ottawa Chapter, February 6, 2012.

In Toronto, the event will be held from March 5-11 at the University of 
Toronto, York University and Ryerson University. The speakers will 
include professor Nahia Abdo (Carlton University, Ottawa), Frank Barat 
from the /Russell Tribunal on Palestine (London),/ Dalit Baum, 
co-founder of *Who Profits <http://www.whoprofits.org/>* website and 
Dawood Hamoudeh from *Stop the Wall 
<http://www.stopthewall.org/>* campaign in Jerusalem.

To counter /Israel Apartheid Week (IAW),/ BluesStarPR, an affiliated 
member of the /Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC),/ has produced a booklet 
to help Zionist activists demean Palestinians and Islamic regime in 
Tehran. The booklet bore image on its cover of Nadia Agha-Soltani, the 
Iranian teenage student shot by a sniper. According to Israel Shamir, 
professor James Petras and Thierry Meyssan, Nadia was a victim of 
CIA-Mossad-MI6 plot to discredit Dr. Ahmadinejad’s re-election victory 
in June 2009. Israel Shamir put Ahmadinejad *on par with Castro and 

“The vast majority of Iranians voted for Ahmadinejad, for he is a modest 
man devoted to his people, he took care of the poor and had kept Iran 
free from the imperialist clutches. His work over the nuclear programme 
appears to be wildly popular, and even his defeated opponent did not 
dare to utter a single word against it.  Ahmadinejad received strong 
support all over the country, even in the Azeri-populated North-West. He 
is also popular all over the world as a symbol of the Third World 
rebellion, on a par with Castro and Chavez. He maintains good 
relationship with neighbouring Russia and China, even with the 
US-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ahmadinejad’s lightning visit to 
Yekaterinburg to the SCO conference in the midst of the upheaval has 
proved his statesmanship. In his well-received fiery speech he never 
referred to the crisis back home, and he was congratulated by his peers 
President Medvedev and President Hu Jintao with his electoral 
victory. His stalwart anti-Zionist stand endeared him to the Arab 
neighbours of Iran, even to annoyance of Arab rulers. His weapons saved 
Lebanon in 2006 from being devoured by Israel. Sometimes he goes too 
far, but otherwise, how can he find out how far he can go?”

Australian professor Dr. Gideon Polya, in his recent *research article 
<http://mwcnews.net/focus/editorial/16770-iran-war.html>* after listing 
ten fields in which the Islamic Republic is far better than the US and 
its ‘willing allies’ – appealed to all decent people around the world to 
impose sanctions and boycotts against all avoidable goods and services 
from apartheid Israel and US alliance countries involved in the 
worsening Muslim Genocide.

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